How to Learn to Appreciate The Beauty Around You

We’ve all heard the expression stop and smell the roses which means that life tends to become sweeter if we learn how to relax and appreciate the beauty around us. When we learn how to appreciate simple and true beauty, we improve our chances of lowering our stress level and decreasing the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Seeing the beauty in our professional lives and current career circumstances can improve our mindset. It can help us to focus more on what truly matters, which is personal and professional development. This article will share some tips on how you can take an introspective look and learn how to appreciate the beauty of your professional life.

1. Appreciate Your Coworkers

One of the most important ways to learn how to appreciate the beauty around you is to begin to understand the simple miracle of life. Regardless of your religious or non-religious background, taking the time to simply appreciate each day that you are alive and have the chance to make a positive difference in the world is a first step in this process. When you relate this mindset to your professional life, you begin to realize that life is precious and each day counts. That frame of mind should spur you on to seize the day, make your work a priority and appreciate those who are in your workplace. Appreciating how precious life is will expand your perspective to see the beauty all around you as you work toward growing and developing as a professional and helping others to do the same.

2. Appreciate The Natural World

Did you know that in the US and its Territories, there are over 597 National Natural Landmarks? That’s a lot of natural beauty and wonder to take in. If you want to appreciate the beauty around you, one way to do that is to value the natural world. As a professional, you can add to the positive workplace environment by embracing the natural world each day. Some simple steps include, going for a walk outside during your lunch break and inviting some coworkers along. You’ll get the chance to be outside, breathe in fresh air and develop relationships. You can also bring some plants to keep on your desk or pick fresh flowers to keep in a vase. Take photos of you and your coworkers or friends visiting some of those natural landmarks on your days off and frame the photos for display in your office. Do something that will brighten up your workspace and help you to value the beauty in your world.

3. Appreciate Your Inner Circle

People are an important part of this world. If we cannot get along with each other, we’ll only cause grief and frustration and add to our stress level. So, one of the ways that you can appreciate the beauty around you is to accept and honor those in your inner circle in the workplace. You know, your best buds at your job that you can’t get through the workday without speaking to by the water cooler or having lunch with in the breakroom. Additionally, learning how to embrace tolerance in this world (aside from your own personal belief system) will also help you to enact positive change and become more open-minded. It is important to learn how to appreciate other people in the workplace who have different personalities, races and ethnic backgrounds, even if you will never become their best work bud. Appreciating the beauty around you includes living with an attitude of professionalism and acceptance of all people.

4. Appreciate Your Capabilities

If you want to continue on this journey of appreciating the beauty around you in your professional life and career, learn how to accept and appreciate your own capabilities. Learning how to love yourself as a proactive member of the team work environment will help you to see the beauty in your current job and increase your desire to work better with colleagues. Cultivating this positive acceptance and perspective regarding your abilities will make you a better person who can then enact more positive change around the workplace. When you are hyped up about your skills and excited about your job, you naturally cultivate a positive workplace environment. This excitement becomes contagious and can help your coworkers to also see the beauty around them.

5. Appreciate The Chance to Forgive

Finally, when you learn how to appreciate that we all have the chance to forgive —both ourselves and others— you will gain a new appreciation for the beauty around you in the workplace. We are all human and every colleague that you need to deal with is fallible and will make mistakes. Forgiving someone is a beautiful thing. It opens you up to new possibilities for growth and development that you never thought were possible. Forgiving your coworkers for mistakes —and taking your own personal responsibility for your actions— will help your workplace relationships blossom and grow exponentially. When you learn how to forgive yourself for mistakes, bad behavior and poor decisions, you will enter into a new level of professional development and growth. The past workplace issues and problems won’t hinder you any longer and you will be able to see a bright and hopeful career future ahead of you.

How do you try to appreciate the beauty around you in the workplace? Have you tried any of these steps to enhance your appreciation for your place in your job and current career field?