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As outlined by Steve McDowell – a writer at – most people have had a brush with the stock market albeit they do not know it. Most of these individuals include people who operate personal savings accounts, pensions or mortgages. However, playing the stock market would be on another level due to the volatility that characterizes it and the intimidating atmosphere that can sometimes overcome newcomers. Educating yourself about stocks can help you avoid the jitters. There are a variety of ways to do this.

Online stock market classes

Online classes allow you to learn about the stock market at your own pace and pleasure. There are multiple websites that provide these classes at a fee or for free including Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, Motley Fool and market watch. These online courses are divided into several sections in line with the level of students who may be beginners or experienced investors. For practical sessions, you can play the numerous bourse simulation games, such as on Investopedia or Virtual Stock Exchange. They allow you to put into practice what you have learnt before starting to make investments with real money.

Ask friends for help

Any friend who has experience with the stock market could help you learn how to play in this game. Ask him to make you his apprentice and use this opportunity to observe how he goes about the business. He could also enlighten you on the various tricks to earn you success in the industry. It may seem like a walk in the park when watching your friend operate the stock market. However, it is more complicated than you think and thus, your friend will have to teach you about researching on an investment before deciding to take it up.

Enlist the services of a stockbroker

Alternatively, you could enlist the services of a stockbroker – in particular, an advisory management stockbroker – who will guide you through the process of stock trading. His job would be to furnish you with the necessary research materials touching on the stock market, your desired firm to buy stocks from as well as the sector. Reading this material will enable you to make an informed decision based on the knowledge garnered as well as your stockbroker’s advice. Usually, the final decision on an investment rests with you regardless of the broker’s advice.

Invest in relevant magazines

On your reading list should be a weekly publication that focuses on stocks, investment, finance and money because they often shed light on the latest trends in the stock market and provide news releases as well as annual reports for the companies quoted on the stock exchange. Examples of publications to look at include the Economist and Business Week as well as numerous websites that provide free and in-depth content on the stock market. Reuters and Bloomberg are suitable sites to visit if you are looking for stock market articles with a professional angle.

Having a lot of money for investment is not the predominant requirement for playing the stock market. Educating yourself is the foremost thing to do before diving into the stock brokerage business. You may be forced to fork out a few dollars to gain this knowledge, but it will prove invaluable in the future when you rake in thousands of dollars from stock trading.


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