How to Learn to Use Adobe Fireworks for Free

As a web designer you need to spend a lot of time creating prototypes and wireframes of websites. Adobe Fireworks enables you to create interactive prototypes that can be exported so that you can navigate your website before it is completed.

Adobe Fireworks is a highly versatile program, and it’s definitely worth your time learning to use it properly. Thankfully, there are a lot of free resources that you can use to learn Adobe Fireworks without spending a single cent!

1. Adobe

As with all of Adobe’s software, Fireworks tutorials are available via the Adobe website.

Adobe TV offers 9 videos to teach you the basics of using Adobe Fireworks. The videos run for up to 4 minutes, but they’ll help you learn everything you need to know to get started with the software.

2. is one of the best sites to check out for tutorials and courses on just about every type of software on the market! You’ll find that it offers a lot of amazing Fireworks tutorials, tips, and tricks, all in video format.

Unfortunately, you only get a 7 to 10-day free trial with Lynda, or you pay $240 per year to become a full-fledged member and gain access to their THOUSANDS of tutorials.

3. Smashing Magazine

If you are totally new to Adobe, you should check out this article on  Smashing Magazine. It gives you the basics on what the program can do, with links to more educational resources and tutorials to get you started. It’s not the most comprehensive resource, but it’s a good place for newbies to start!

It also has an article (written back in 2008) that offers links to tutorials on simple topics: motion blurs, wallpapers, aqua effects, etc. 


This website is dedicated to all things design, including educational resources on all the software typically used for graphic and web design. It has compiled a list of 35 awesome Adobe Fireworks tutorials for people of all skill levels.

5. Noupe

Yet another great website revolving around web design, Noupe has two lists of tutorials, offering a total of nearly 100 amazing videos to help you learn how to use Adobe Fireworks. These videos teach topics ranging from the most basic elements of the software to its more complex features. Definitely a good way to learn as much about Fireworks as possible!

6. Tutorialized

This website finds the best tutorials on the internet and compiles them into lists, making it easy for browsers to access everything from one place. It has more than 40 tutorials for Fireworks, teaching newbie and intermediate Fireworks users how to make everything from media player skins to image backgrounds to RSS feed icons. These videos are an excellent resource for those looking to understand more of what Fireworks can do.

Fireworks is a highly useful program that graphic and web designers MUST learn! Thanks to these free resources, you can learn how to use the software with ease.

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Know of any other good Fireworks resources? Leave a comment below and share the link…

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