How to Learn to Use Adobe Flash for Free

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform which allows both beginners and advanced developers to create graphics, animation, games, and rich internet programs designed to be used with the Adobe Flash player. If you are new to developing vector graphics or would like to add animation to spice up your current site, this program is ideal. In order to reap the full benefits of this versatile program, here is a list of the best free tutorials currently available...

Adobe TV

Adobe TV offers Adobe Flash learners a complete guide to using and mastering Adobe Flash and other popular Adobe programs. You do not have to register to use this site and it is completely free. The Adobe Flash tutorial series is comprised of 5 separate sections, each containing video tutorials on how to get started using Adobe Flash and how to navigate special features of the program. The Adobe TV tutorials are perfect for both beginners and advanced users of the Adobe Flash program. In addition, Adobe TV allows users to search specific tutorials for quick reference while working with the program. 

Baycon Group

The Baycon Group allows users to access their Adobe Flash tutorials for free. The complete guide is broken down into 30 section, each covering how to properly navigate the designing platform and outlining specific Adobe Flash features. Be aware, even though this tutorial site is chock full of info, it is completely text based; therefore, if you are a visual learner this site may not be ideal as a course, but it still may be useful as a quick reference guide.


The Udemy site is a go-to for individuals looking to learn about a variety of programs. Video tutorials are posted on the site by Udemy users and they usually offer in-depth information on each subject. In addition, this site allows you to quickly search out specific program information. When search results are displayed, they are accompanied by a brief summary of the subject matter and other user ratings, thus allowing you to pre-screen the tutorial before you begin. The Adobe Flash Tutorial for Beginners is broken up into 17 sections and is well structured and easy to use.

The Virtual Instructor

The Virtual Instructor boasts Adobe Flash courses for both the beginner and intermediate user. The tutorials are completely video based and are designed to walk users through specific functions and tasks related to Adobe Flash. The courses are broken down into sections which outline specific uses for Flash such as the creation of slideshows, animation, and sound. This site is easy to navigate and also includes a blog, articles about Flash, and a forum where learners can interact.

It is highly recommended that beginners start out with Udemy, since the structure is the most user friendly and specific features can be quickly searched. For those looking for a more in-depth tutorial, The Virtual Instructor will most likely be the ideal choice. When choosing a tutorial site, be sure to check other user ratings before you begin to determine whether the site is ideal in terms of subject matter and tutorial style.


Image via Digital Trends