How to Learn to Use Adobe Photoshop for Free

Adobe Photoshop is by far the most useful graphics editor around today. While there are other competing products, Photoshop is the "de facto" industry standard -to the point that it has been adopted into a verb (to "photoshop" something).

To be an effective designer, you MUST learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. Thankfully, the fact that the program is so popular means there are a lot of resources available. Here are some of the best places to learn Adobe Photoshop for free:

1. PHLearn

If you want an ultimate guide to Photoshop, you’ll definitely want to check out PHLearn. This site has over 700 Photoshop tutorials, with guides on every topic under the sun. You can learn just about everything you need to know to be a Photoshop master. It’s not the best site for beginners, but more advanced Photoshop users will love it.

2. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a site dedicated to 3D art, web design, graphic design, digital art, and all the technology used to create that art. You’ll find that it has more than 100 amazing Photoshop tutorials, ideal for the more advanced Photoshop users. From typography to design to tips and tricks, the information here is definitely worth checking out.

3. Adobe

As with all Adobe products, you can find a lot of material for learning Photoshop on the Adobe website.

Adobe TV has dozens of videos on the basic features and capabilities of the raster graphics editing software. For those who like to learn via visual methods, it’s the option for you.

Creative Cloud also has tutorials to check out. The material is EXCELLENT for beginners, as it provides an "Intro to Photoshop". If you have zero knowledge of the software, this is the place to go.

Adobe recently launched Adobe Know How, a site dedicated to teaching users all sorts of things. It has an excellent Photoshop for Beginners course, which lasts for roughly 14 hours.

4. Open Learning

Open Learning offers a simple tutorial to help you become a Photoshop master in record time! You’ll learn everything from novice to upper intermediate, and the course is totally free. With over 90 video lessons on all sorts of Photoshop uses, it’s a very good program to consider.

5. Skilled Up

Skilled Up offers a 2-hour video course that will be an excellent introduction to Photoshop. You’ll learn about all the tools, how to work with layers, hotkeys and shortcuts, and so much more. It’s a simple, user-friendly course designed for visual learners.

6. Tuts+

For some of the best, most comprehensive, and well-structured tutorials on the internet, look no further than Tuts+. This site has over 2,000 Photoshop tutorials, and it’s an amazing place to learn nifty effects, advanced photo manipulation, and other advanced features. It’s not the best resource for beginners, but it will provide more advanced users tips and tricks on all the nifty things Photoshop can do.

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If you want to become a Photoshop expert, these are the resources that will help you master a wide variety of skills. Best of all, they’re free of charge!

Do you know of any more good Photoshop resources? Share with us in the comment section below.

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