How to Learn to Use Microsoft PowerPoint For Free

power point

PowerPoint is probably the single most useful piece of software for making presentations--to the point that it has become adopted as the "noun". You no longer make a "slideshow presentation"; you make a "powerpoint".

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The software is designed to be user-friendly, and you’ll find that it has a lot of features that are both easy to use and fairly complex. If you can master PowerPoint, you can make good-looking presentations in a matter of minutes.

Here are some of the best resources to use to learn PowerPoint without spending a single cent:

1. YouTube

I’m a huge fan of the educational materials posted on YouTube, and you’ll find that there are A LOT of videos that can help you learn:

User Mouseflip has a great 63-minute video that will take you through the basic and intermediate tasks needed to make epic PowerPoints.

User Sali Kaceli has a 59-minute video that teaches the basic PowerPoint concepts such as how to apply designs and themes to presentations and the steps for adding multimedia. He also has an 88-minute video that will help you become acquainted with PP 2013.

2. Electric Teacher

is one of the best sites to visit if you want to learn about Microsoft Office programs--including Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. Its PowerPoint tutorials will walk you through the steps of creating a new slideshow, adding and editing slides, working with text and graphics, and using the various tools provided by PowerPoint. All in all, a GREAT educational resource to check out.


Microsoft’s website has a wealth of resources and tutorials, with many of them centered around PowerPoint. You can learn about both the older and newer versions of the software, and will help you master the simple skills fairly quickly.

4. GCF Learn Free

On GCF Learn Free, you’ll find a vast array of resources to teach you about PowerPoint 2010. The tutorials and courses are very well organized, so it should be easy for you to find whatever you’re looking for in a hurry. If you complete the 50+ lessons, you will learn everything you need to make amazing PowerPoint presentations.

5. Home and Learn

This UK-based website is an excellent resource for people who want to learn using a text- and images than videos. It’s especially useful to help you learn PowerPoint 2003 (the version used on older Windows XP-based computers). If your company still hasn’t upgraded your computer or its software, this is the place to visit.

6. Think Outside the Slide

This website has so much more than just a clever name! It hosts an assortment of user-friendly video tutorials on PowerPoint 2007, but everything you learn will translate over into PowerPoint 2010 as well. It will teach you enough to get you started and working with PowerPoint, but it’s not the most comprehensive resource out there.

Thanks to the materials posted on these sites, you can master PowerPoint in no time and without spending a single penny!

Know of any other excellent free PowerPoint resources to check out? Drop a comment and share the link below…