How to Learn to Use Microsoft Word

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When it comes to word processor software, nothing can match the efficiency and versatility of Microsoft Word. It’s hard to imagine life without Microsoft Word, as it’s used by just about EVERYONE in the world!

However, it’s amazing how few people actually use Microsoft Word to its full extent. Most of us use it to write emails or make presentations, but the program is incredibly versatile. If you learned all that Microsoft Word could do, you’d be astonished!

If you want to learn to use Microsoft Word to its full extent, here are some educational resources to help you out:


Microsoft provides a wide range of materials on the Office website, including:

  • Complete tutorials on all the latest Microsoft Office products. You can find tutorials for both PC and Mac.
  • Video tutorials to help you get started using Microsoft Word efficiently. There is a video course giving you the basic intro to Word.

If you’re totally new to Microsoft Office, this is the best place to get started.

2. Lynda is a great place to learn just about anything related to computers and software. Lynda has nearly 50 different courses, with more than 2,000 video tutorials on every subject under the sun. You can learn the basics of using the word processing software, or you can brush up on more advanced uses.

3. Electric Teacher

If you want to learn the basics of an OLDER version of Word (many computers have yet to upgrade past Word 2003, 2007, or 2010), you’d do well to check out Electric Teacher. This site has tutorials on all things Word-related, teaching things like:

  • The basics of creating a document
  • Adjusting the layout and margins
  • Adding and using graphics
  • Using the drawing tools
  • Tables

It’s a basic intro, but you’ll learn A LOT about what the program can do.

4. Tutorials Point

This site contains tutorials that will walk you through the basics of using Word to create documents all the way up to very advanced tasks. It’s one of the most comprehensive, complete courses, and it’s very well organized. Definitely a good place to spend time learning what Word can do for you.

5. GCF Learn Free

GCF Learn Free has tutorials for every version of Microsoft Word between Office 2000 and Office 2013, ensuring that you can learn how to make the most of your specific version of Word. The tutorials include subjects like:

  • Manipulating text
  • Manipulating objects
  • Using graphics
  • Collaboration between documents
  • Working with PDF files
  • Using Excel charts in Word
  • and so much more…

By the time you finish these tutorials, you’ll know everything you need to about using Microsoft Word.

6. SkilledUp

SkilledUp has a list of 50 amazing tutorials, resources, and apps to help you make the most of Microsoft Word. For those who already know the basics, there are nearly 40 tutorials on more advanced topics. You can learn amazing things like:

  • Keyboard shortcuts (all of them!)
  • Special commands
  • Tips on how to create high quality documents (such as book files)

It’s a great resource for advanced Microsoft Word users.

Check out these sites and you’ll find a wealth of information on Microsoft Word!

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Know of any other good resources to help you learn how to use Microsoft Word? Leave a link in the comment below…