How to Learn to Use Pinterest

Learning how to use Pinterest for your business is tricky, especially since Pinterest is very image-heavy. If you aren’t a company that specializes in design or imagery such as photography, you may be having trouble finding a good way to utilize Pinterest at all, much less very well. However, there are some things companies can do in order to promote business on this platform.

Get creative and take pictures

Users on Pinterest tend to spend more per purchase than users on any other social media platform, and there’s no reason not to use this to your advantage. Visual marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing and one of the best received by consumers. 

Taking pictures of your product or the finished environment after one of your services is an excellent way to show off what you can make and do. It may benefit your company to invest in a well-trained photographer if you want really high quality images.

Use graphics like text and borders

Image: steamfeed.

Don’t be afraid to post something to Pinterest that isn’t necessarily an image of a product. The coupon above was posted to Pinterest and is engaging and colorful; two things that the community really loves. If your business isn’t product heavy but you offer a lot of good deals, consider using Pinterest to promote some graphically engaging content especially your special offers.

Create custom content like infographics

Businesses such as marketing research firms and advertising firms often create infographics and images to promote themselves on Twitter and Facebook; the same rule can apply to Pinterest. Consider uploading your custom information to Pinterest to increase the number of clickthroughs.

Upload videos

Another great way to draw in consumers is to create videos about your product or service. Think of it as a commercial that you post online, rather than paying oodles of cash for a slot on cable or dish channels. 

Getting started

Signing up for Pinterest is free; you can create custom boards in order to categorize and sort images and content that you upload. You can follow users, which encourages followbacks like on Twitter and Facebook. You can also ’re-pin’ content, which is essentially like liking something on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter. Sometimes repinning can encourage followers as well. 

For creative businesses especially, the potential for Pinterest is phenomenal. Pinterest caters to a different audience than Facebook and Twitter for the most part, so be sure to do a little demographic research on its users before investing too heavily in any one particular strategy. Quick tip, the main demographic for Pinterest is women between the ages of 25 and 44.

If you’re having trouble finding a visual format for your business that really engages consumers, social media coordinators are a wonderful tool for solving this issue. However, companies can also put more effort into personalizing their brands and showing off their products in order to give Pinterest users interesting and relevant content to see.


Creative commons licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by ShardsOfBlue.




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