How to Learn to Use WordPress for Free

For over ten years, WordPress has dominated as one of the easiest Content Management systems, Blogging and website development tools, to use in the world. With over 17% of the internet cornered, experience with the platform has caused it to become listed as a "job skill" for many certain positions. Since this freight train shows no signs of stopping, it may be a good time to start learning how to navigate the WordPress platform, and here’s how you can start for free...

Top Free Wordpress Tutorials

WPBeginner- Beginners Guide for WordPress

The WPBeginner site delivers on its name; it is specifically for WordPress beginners. If you are an advanced user looking for tips and tricks this is not the site for you; however, this is the perfect starting point for those who have just started or are about to begin using WordPress. This site offers users a wealth of information through a variety of channels, including videos, articles, blogs, and books. The landing page menu also offers users a site glossary, where they can search specific topics and research common WordPress terminology. Though this site is completely free to use, when attempting to view a video tutorial, users are prompted to register with the site using their email address.

WordPress.TV by Automatic

WordPress.TV is where all the videos for WordCamp are posted. If you are new to WordPress, WordCamps are conferences held by a community of WordPress users ranging from novices to core developers. At these conferences users from all backgrounds are invited to participate in tutorials, learn about new developments, and share ideas regarding program platform and usage. This makes the WordPress.TV the go-to site for both beginners and advanced users. In addition to WordCamp coverage, this site allows users to access WordPress video tutorials, blogs, and How-To articles posted by users from all around the globe.


Udemy almost always makes it on our free tutorial lists because it contains both free and paid tutorials for just about any popular program platform. Udemy’s interface and tools are extremely easy to use, simply search a topic and you the site should provide you with a variety of learning options to choose from. The tutorials offered by Udemy are in a video format. These tutorials allow you to track your course progress, easily take notes, and search within your tutorial for specific information. Udemy is also optimized allowing you to access tutorials from your smartphone or tablet on the go.

WordPress Lessons

WordPress Lessons can be found right on the WordPress site. The Codex allows you to scan and search tutorial subject, some are for beginners and other are for more advanced users. The only downside to the Codex is it lacks video tutorials and examples, making it a bit more difficult to use. However, WordPress Lessons does offer a search bar to help you find specific subjects quickly. 

Before you begin your free course search for WordPress, be sure to check out other users’ reviews. Since many free tutorial platforms use tutorials posted by other users, you may find, in some cases, quality control is non-existent. This means check for gold stars, recommendations, and user feedback before investing your time. Though the tutorials will help you get a handle on the WordPress platform, remember to also explore the site on your own. This will help to reinforce what you are learning and help you practice while you build.


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