How to Learn Using Social Media

A majority of people use social media during their everyday lives. More and more business owners have seen the benefits of utilizing social media as marketing and networking tools for their businesses and organizations. However, some people do not learn as fast as others especially as it concerns social media and changing technology. This article will discuss several steps on how to learn using social media.

1. Learn From the Experts

If you want to learn something, you turn to an expert. There is no difference when it comes to social media. Subscribing to and reading various social media blogs from experts in the industry is a viable first step toward learning how to maneuver in this venue. When you read what the experts are saying, you will gain knowledge and also ascertain new opportunities and tips and tricks of the trade. However, the crux of the issue is that you listen to the right experts. So much information is put out on the internet each day and you need to figure out what applies to your current situation and what could be wasting your time. Time spent learning should become a resource reinvested into your business. If that time does not reinvest, you have wasted your time.

Technology changes all the time. That is why you should pay attention to blogs that provide consistent information which is frequently updated with new trends and techniques. If you don’t know if a blog is credible, one factor to consider is its ranking online and how many subscribers it has. You can download the free SEO toolbar from Web Rank Stats which provides information on websites regarding the Alexa ranking and how many of the website pages are indexed on Google and Bing. The toolbar also lists websites’ sociometer which shows the amount of shares and likes on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. Two social media blogs with a large readership and subscriber base that provide expert advice on social media are listed below.

  • Social Media Examiner – helps businesses master social media, market to find leads, increase sales and improve branding. They have a high Alexa ranking and have over 13,800 pages indexed on Google and over 33,800 on Bing. The blog published a Top Ten List of Social Media Blogs which can also be a great resource for more learning.    
  • Social Media Explorer – discusses social media, social media marketing and public relations through commentary and analysis. They have a high Alexa ranking as well and have over 3,070 pages indexed on Google and over 7,900 on Bing.

2. Get Educated

In addition to following the information disseminated by experts in social media, you can find other ways to get educated on the subject. One option is to take a course on social media training or to attend a seminar or webinar. There are a variety of training courses, seminars and webinars available which can assist you in learning social media for your personal and professional benefit in your business. However, it is important to ascertain which educational modules are from legitimate sources. Some educational opportunities are free and others require payment to attend.

  • Social Media Today is a well-known and high trafficked social media and marketing webinar company that is currently offering a “Best Thinkers Webinar Series”. Some of the topics to be discussed in the series are: digital transformation of marketing, employee advocacy success stories, what customer experience means for your social business and how social data empowers customer experience.
  • Cision – offers free webinars on social media listening and engagement, how you can target influencers for your business and they also share “insights and best practices you need to create impactful” marketing campaigns.   

3. Get Started

You can begin the third step while you are working on the first three. You are diving in and immersing yourself into social media through a “hands-on” learning experience. However, it is best if you combine this step with the educational aspects of the first two. If you are not certain what you are doing, it is best to spend more time in the beginning on the educational factor. You don’t want to make a rookie mistake and have it negatively impact your business and reputation. You will want to set up a profile and get active on these social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. The following website provides basic tutorials on how to get started on social media sites.

  • GCF Learn Free is a completely free online tutorial organization. They have a section on social media where they offer tutorials on the following subjects: Blog Basics, Facebook, Pinterest, Skype, Twitter, Google+, Digital Photos, Tech Savvy Tips & Tricks and Using Information Correctly.   

Learning to use social media begins with taking the time to learn from the experts and studying the information disseminated from popular and trending social media blogs. The second step involves further education through training courses, webinars and seminars. In the final step, you simply take a leap of faith and get started on your journey in utilizing social media for your personal and professional life.


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