Learning NLP Techniques to Improve Your Opportunities in Life

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Have you ever considered using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to improve your prospects? Maybe it's time! It could really improve your life! 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach for developing different ways of thinking that can drastically change people’s perceptions of the world and the way they go about their daily business. It is about understanding and changing negative thoughts to move towards a positive outlook that can enhance your life.

How NLP Can Help Your Career

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NLP came about through revolutionary practitioners such as Richard Bandler, who believed that there is a connection between neurological processes in the brain and language, and that they can be programmed to achieve specific outcomes or goals. In a career sense, these goals could include building confidence, becoming your own boss, or improving motivation to meet targets.

For these reasons, NLP has become a hugely popular way of enhancing employees’skills within a business, and massive companies such as BT, British Gas, Bupa, and Virgin all provide training for their staff. People who are trained in NLP can improve their negotiation techniques and become masters at creating rapport. This is a valuable skill for sales staff, customer service representatives and managers.


Other Benefits of NLP

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But NLP doesn’t just have to be used in a career sense. It can benefit people with psychological disorders. NLP would for instance deal with anxiety by looking at it in a positive way. The NLP practitioner tells the person suffering from anxiety that they have achieved something by excelling at being anxious. Then the expert explains to the patient how they have created this state of anxiety with their mind.

The problem would be resolved with an NLP intervention, by changing the way the person thinks about the anxiety and how it is formed. Case studies of effective NLP treatment for psychological problems also include PTSD, childhood trauma, nightmares, phobias, and panic attacks. Some people may be held back in their jobs by problems such as these. Using NLP to overcome them could be an excellent way to move the focus back to your career.

Develop NLP Techniques Yourself

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You can start developing NLP techniques by yourself. Letting go of negative emotion and past turmoil is an excellent place to start. Trying to forget about these problems - whether it is a bad experience at work or a job loss - can help you begin the process of becoming someone with a more positive outlook on the world.

According to Bandler, Alessio Roberti and Owen Fitzpatrick in How to Take Charge of Your Life: The User’s Guide to NLP, “you can’t always control what happens, but you can always control how you react.” Once you understand this message you are already on the path to becoming someone in charge of their own destiny.   

Start practising simple NLP techniques by observing people’s non-verbal behaviour such as body language, facial expressions, posture, gestures and stance. Look beyond what is being said and search for meaning in these subconscious tells. Develop rapport by mirroring someone’s posture and gestures, and after 5 minutes see if you can lead that person to follow your own movements. These are all key skills that are instantly transferable to whatever work setting you are in, especially in sales.

Once you start learning these tricks and unlock the skillset to convince people to act in a way that benefits you, you can use NLP to get what you want in your career and your everyday life. As Bandler says, “brains aren’t designed to get results, they go in directions. If you know how the brain works you can set your own directions. If you don’t, then somebody else will.”

Would you consider using NLP techniques to help your career after reading this article? Let us know in the comments section below...