How to Leave a Lasting Professional Legacy

Every profession has an icon that leaves some profound impact in their respective careers. A general example of course is Adam Smith, the father of modern economics. We can even consider a modern icon like Steve jobs who revolutionized the smart phone industry. These gentlemen are just a couple of examples of people that left a worthwhile legacy. The big challenge, however, comes when we consider how we ourselves can leave a worthwhile legacy. Many of us are currently pre-occupied with push and shove factors that prevent us from leaving a worthwhile legacy. These include:

Egotistical and Selfish Ambition

It is okay for one to have their own ambition since they define us individually and uniquely. The problem is though, when we achieve certain career goals, many of us tend to get all egotistical and what not. Plus, having a great career is sort of a status symbol. And it is for this reason that people are compelled to be selfish considering the...

Stiff and Arduous Competition

The days of healthy competition are fast fading away. Nowadays, people are more than glad to betray each other to get to the top. Then again, we’ve got people that get all apprehensive and apply dirty tactics to get what they want. Such kinds of people are definitely not interested in leaving a worthwhile legacy.

Long and Tedious hours of Work

The reality for most people on the ground is that of long and tedious hours of work. And despite their best efforts to leave a worthwhile impact in their respective careers, they are just too pre-occupied to do so. Their careers are nothing more than the same repetitive tasks day by day. So really, such a person feels stagnated and lacks the necessary motivation needed to leave a worthwhile legacy.

Self-doubt and Low Self Esteem

These are very serious problems by the way. Of course, if you’re currently engaged in a flooded career path, then chances are that your impact will basically be negligible. This, coupled with the stiff competition that one has to face, definitely gives people cold feet.

Scarcity of Necessary Resources

It is said that the best ideas in the world are concealed in graves. This is true because people have so many ideas that they would want to implement but they lack the necessary resources to do so. To begin with, if your company has limited funding or incompetent staff, then your ideas will simply fade away. And as we all know, running a successful business venture requires lots of funding and skilled manpower. So if you can’t access that, then there’s really nothing much you can do.

How Then Does One Leave a Worthwhile Legacy?

#1 Apply Critical and Creative Thinking to Your Career

Leaving a worthwhile legacy is a journey that starts in the mind. If you are simply a conformist that merely employs conventional means in their career, then don’t expect to leave any impact. You’ve got to critically look at various aspects of your career, spot the loopholes and come up with creative ways of revolutionizing them. However, it will all be in vain unless you...

#2 Network, Socialize and Collaborate with Those Doing Better Than you

We mentioned earlier that limited resources can indeed be a serious challenge when it comes to leaving a worthwhile legacy. That’s why you’ll need the help of those doing better than you. Did any of them leave a legacy in their respective careers? Enquire from them on the resources and connections that they used. But, for your impact to gain serious following, you’ll have to...

#3 Share and Interact to Sensitize Others of Your Efforts

This can be done through social media where you can connect with like-minded people and share your story. Some of you might also be connected to TV and radio stations. Inquire from them on how they can help you spread the word. Career conferences and expos are also great avenues for listening to people’s ideas as you share your own. That way, you get to be enlightened on other challenges that need some revolutionary impact and a worthwhile career legacy.

To be honest, life is essentially complicated at the moment. In fact, everyone nowadays faces so many career challenges that they are compelled to cheat their way to the top. A worthwhile legend on the other hand, requires someone that is selfless, honest and integral in their career pursuits. As William Shakespeare once said, "No legacy is so rich as honesty."

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