Lessons you can Learn from Suits

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1. Donna Paulsen
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As the all-knowing personal secretary of big shot lawyer Harvey Speckter, Donna is a refreshing professional who offers a perceptive and personal look at what happens at Pearson Hardman. In season 2, Donna makes the poor decision of destroying important evidence for one of the cases against Harvey Spector. This results in her losing her job, facing a mock trial and destroying her relationship with Harvey. The good thing is that, after the whole misunderstanding is cleared, she rises above it and returns to take her position. The lesson here is that people make mistakes, but you should always be true to yourself and confident in your abilities.

As one of the few awesome law dramas out there, Suits has revolutionized the corporate world by portraying bad-ass lawyers who rule New York City. In a world where risk is second nature and lawyers roll around in millions, the characters of the show are expected to be hyperbolic versions of corporate professionals.

Suits promises not only entertainment and intense drama, but it shows the true and gritting reality of the business world. Here are 6 lessons you can pick up from Suits:




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