Lies Small Business Owners Should Not Listen To

The goal of every small business owner is to grow big and improve against competition. However there are certain lies small business owners should start ignoring if they want to avoid struggling. Small business owners do not need advice that will erode their self-belief or set them on a path of impossible expectations.

Yes, some of this advice could apply to large business, but it is controversial to say that they are also applicable to small business. If you want to be a successful small business owner, perhaps you need to ignore some of this advice and focus on sales and delivering the best service that will make your customers not only happy but elated too.

Many times the small business owner is advised to focus on the money and mastering the art of their business will come after. However meaning, mastery and money belong to a holistic circle that should be considered thoroughly from the beginning. Small business owners should focus on meaning and mastery as this would lead to more money and not vice versa.

Many small business owners are freelancers and may not just be owners of businesses; they shouldn’t be pushed beyond their limits. Here are some lies small business owners should stop paying attention to.

The ability to do “everything”.

There is a myth that as a small business owner you can do it all, from bookkeeping to selling and advertising. However this notion or opinion is totally wrong as it only makes small business owners feel inadequate. Wearing many hats may not be suitable for an individual who is specializes in a particular field. It can become cumbersome for a small business owner to spend their days designing their business cards or poster and also setting up their bookkeeping. Small business owners should be encouraged to get help when they have to.

Soft skills can wait until after you have secured your hard skills

This always becomes a tricky situation for the business owner as he is set to pick between two skills that are vital for running a business. However managing a business doesn’t need the business owner ignoring one set of skills for the other. Actually focusing on virtues like courage, wisdom and character can solve bigger problems than marketing, HR and operations.

A business owner shouldn’t ignore that there will always be pitfalls and challenges along the way and it requires skills that will help you manage your way around those obstacles. When it comes to getting around the rough edges of building a business and making it stable you should focus on soft skills such as courage, wisdom, people-skills and truth, as this could define how far your business would go.

Your business is all about profit

Well when building a business it may take a couple of years for you to see the true picture of the financial health of your company. Most times your first few years is about you putting every penny you make back into the business to help it grow.

A business owner should focus on evaluating opportunities that will help their business grow i.e getting a 10, 000 dollar customer rather than how much you have incurred on phone bills.

There is a bigger picture to look at rather than just focusing on simple factors that won’t take your small business anywhere. As a small business owner It is important that you help your business become more efficient, formidable and essential to those you are offering a service to.


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