Life after Athletics: 6 Phenomenal Jobs for Ex-Jocks

Do you often find yourself reminiscing of scoring touchdowns or hitting homeruns during your high school or college glory days? If you are a former athlete who would like to earn a good income while remaining closely tied to athletics, you are in luck! There are a number of career options available for former jocks. In fact, many employers prefer to hire former athletes. Below are some of the career options that are great for ex-jocks:

#1 Physical Therapist

A physical therapist helps people, who are ill or injured, reduce their pain and improve their range of motion. Physical therapy is considered an important part of treatment and rehabilitation for people with injuries or chronic conditions. A Masters degree in physical therapy is required to become a physical therapist, but your hard work will be rewarded with a healthy income and the good feeling that accompanies helping others overcome injury and return to full mobility.

#2 Coach

You will be able to share the skills you learned while you was an athlete if you become a coach. You can find a coaching job in a college, high school or adult sports program. Most employers require that coaches have a bachelor’s degree. You can earn a degree in exercise sports science, kinesiology or physical education. You can also earn an online sports management degree. Today it’s not uncommon for high profile high school coaches to climb the coaching ladder and secure a coaching position at major university. Auburn University head football coach Gus Malzahn was coaching High School football as recently as recently as 2005. (source:

#3 Fitness Trainer

You can use the knowledge you acquired as an athlete to help other people improve their health and fitness. You have the option of working with individuals or groups if you become a fitness trainer. Fitness trainers are required to earn a certification from an accredited organization. One of the primary perks of becoming a fitness trainer is you are often granted the flexibility to determine your own hours and days which you want to work!

#4 Sports Psychologist

A sports psychologist is a professional who helps athletes mentally prepare for their sports. Noted professional sports organizations like the 2014 NBA champions the San Antonio Spurs regularly use sports psychologists to keep mentally sharp and focused. (source:  

Many sports psychologists earn a bachelor’s degree in sports psychology. However, you can become a sports psychologist by earning a degree in general psychology. Keep in mind many employers require a master’s degree or doctorate.

#5 Physical Education Instructor

You can help athletes in elementary, junior high and high school reach their goals by becoming a physical education instructor. In order to become a physical education teacher, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in education with an emphasis on health or physical education. You must also be licensed. Many physical education instructors enjoy the satisfaction in knowing they are helping children achieve a physically fit and active lifestyle!

#6 Sports Journalist

A sports journalist is a profession that provides people with updated information on athletes and games. They can write articles or broadcast on news and radio shows. A bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications is required to enter this field. One of the major perks of becoming a sports journalist is the opportunity to interview high profile athletes!

Even if you are no longer an athlete, you can still have a great career that allows you to work with other people involved in sports. Sports journalism, physical education instructor, sports psychologist, fitness trainer and coaching are some of the options you have. You may also want to be a physical therapist.


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