How to Liven Up Mondays at the Office


By Sunday night most people are beginning to dread the start of another work week. Mondays are not usually a day that we look forward to. However, there are some fun ways that you can liven up Mondays at the office. Check out these seven ideas.

# 1 Monday Morning Meetings

Having a Monday morning meeting at the start of the work week is a great way to lighten the mood of the office and encourage everyone to have a successful week. The office manager or boss can give a pep talk and share good news about the company’s successes and even call attention to various employee accomplishments. Where my husband used to work at the machine shop in Cardone Industries, the management started Monday morning meetings and they also found success by adding a ten minute stretching session for the employees. Exercise is a good way to get the endorphins going and lightening the mood.

# 2 The Monday Fresh Start

Some companies have a Friday Happy Hour at the end of the work day. Why not start the week off right with a Monday Fresh Start Half Hour? People sometimes need extra motivation to kick start their day. The management team can offer bagels, donuts or fresh fruit with coffee and tea for employees to start off their Monday. Encourage employees to mingle for a bit in the break or lunch room. This is a fun way to promote camaraderie and brighten peoples’ outlook for the week.

# 3 Monday Lunch & Learns

At DJS Associates they held lunch and learns for employees. Sometimes an outside guest speaker would be brought in or one of the fellow employees would speak about his or her department. Management would provide a light lunch like sandwiches or pizza. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a free lunch and a chance to get together with others to learn something new? For your office, you could bring in a fitness coach, nutritionist, self-help consultant or some other guest speaker. This doesn’t have to be done every Monday, but even once a month is something great to look forward to. Check out this link to find 10 Great Lunch & Learn Ideas for Employee Training.    

# 4 Hold Weekly Contests

Most people like winning prizes. Another way to liven up your Monday at the office is to start the week off with a new contest. Each week you can change the theme of your contest. One idea is to track which employee makes the most sales calls, closes the most deals or obtains the most leads. If your business isn’t geared toward sales, you can hold a contest for perfect attendance or those who are always on time for work. You can hold a contest for the employee whose work performance is most improved. Visit this link for Top 10 Ideas for Employee Contests.  

# 5 Music is Good for the Soul

According to Venessa Wong from Bloomsberg Business Week, “The music industry has new proof that you should listen to music while you work.” Not every office is the right environment for music playing. Some offices have ambient music playing for the entire building. Other offices find this distracting. One way to make Mondays more fun for employees is to permit an hour or two for them to play their own music at their desk. Of course, this music would need to be business appropriate and couldn’t be too loud.

# 6 Employee Fitness Makes a Difference

Designate the Monday lunch hour as a time for employees who enjoy walking to go for a walk outside. Of course, many employees enjoy walking throughout the week during their lunch hour. However, if this is not the case in your office, creating a specific walking day on Mondays can create a difference in employee morale.

# 7 Create the Right Office Ambiance

Having the right ambiance in the work place goes a long way toward livening employees’ perspectives of their job. Label Monday as the day when employees should take stock again of their position and how they feel about the job. They need to know that they can come to the management and openly share their thoughts and suggestions in a respectful manner and know that they are heard and valued. As management, take stock of the physical layout of the office and rearrange it so that more natural light can come into each area. Open shades, blinds and curtains. Harsh fluorescent lighting is often linked to employees getting headaches and experiencing fatigue. If possible, opt for more full-spectrum light bulbs which mimic natural light and will energize employees. In an article in Inc., Lois Goodell shares more tips on how to create a productive office environment which benefits employees and boosts morale.  

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Livening up the office takes work, but pays off in the long run. Employee morale surges and their work performance will continually improve. Following the seven ideas listed in this article are sure to liven up your Monday and promote productivity and teamwork in the workplace.




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