Living in Australia: What you Need to Know

In the year ending February 2015, Australia received 6.9 million visitors from across the world. The country prides itself on having a high human development rate, unlimited economic opportunities, a multicultural community, a reliable law enforcement body and is nature’s bounty. Below are some facts about life in Australia:    

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1. Where is your ID?

No matter how old you are or look, you will need your ID or passport as proof of age when heading out to a club or bar. Yes, even if the grey hair and wrinkles on your forehead betray your age, they will not serve you alcohol until you demonstrate your ID.

2. The Weather

Due to its size, Australia’s weather is extremely diverse with options to suit anyone’s tastes. The weather conditions will depend on your location. The Northern part of Australia experiences a tropical climate, which is hot and humid with seasonal monsoons all year round, while Southern Australia has distinct seasons where summers are hot and long with winters that are occasionally wet and cool. In the West, you will experience hot and dry summers with cool winters that receive temperatures as low as 7°C. The diverse weather makes it a popular destination as you can enjoy its vast outdoors and wildlife all year round.

3. Finding a Job

Unemployment in Australia is relatively at approximately 6 per cent for all territories. You can find a job at any entry level with a relatively good salary. However, the time it takes you to find a job is indefinite; take enough of your savings to last you throughout the job hunt. Your visa will also determine your terms of employment; for example a work holiday visa can only get you employment for a maximum of 6 months at a go. Additionally, immigration laws implemented in recent years may make it hard for you to get a job, thus you might need the services of an Australian based career advisor. Alternatively, you can consult the sites below when looking for a job:

4. Immigrating to Australia

In case you are planning on moving permanently to Australia, prepare yourself for a lengthy process. The time you take to complete the process will depend on a number of factors: your visa, whether you are moving alone or with your family and on your country of origin. You will also have to pay for the process. You can visit the Australian government’s website for more information on the immigration process and its requirements.

5. Cost of Living

Australia is one of the most expensive places to live according to a study by the Deutsche Bank; a pint of beer will cost you about 2 USD more than in the US. The variation in price can be attributed to the higher shipping costs and the high rental prices businesses pay. However, the high wages make life in Australia bearable.

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Australia is an incredible destination for tourists and professionals. It offers world-class facilities for your family and exposes you to opportunities in global companies. If you’ve gone through the process of migrating to Australia let us know in the comment section below.

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