Living in Hong Kong; What you Need to Know

Hong Kong is a vibrant economy with unlimited opportunities for professionals looking for career opportunities away from home. However, life in Hong Kong is quite different from life in the West; the culture, food and traditions may surprise you. Read on to learn more about living in Hong Kong.

1. Where to Live

While in Hong Kong, you can either live on or off the island. Living on the island gives you easy access to the central business district, recreational and social facilities and entertainment. On the other hand, living off the island means that you get better value for your money while paying for accommodation.

2. Renting in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a lot of rental options; real estate agents will often show you as many options as possible until you settle for a space that suits you best. However, note that older buildings offer bigger living spaces but their style is out-dated. Newer buildings are fashionable and quite small, however, they give you access to recreational facilities such as a gym and a swimming pool.

3. Family Life

Settling with your family in Hong Kong is quite easy especially with the readily available help. There are plenty of workers who offer affordable live-in help; their services include cleaning, cooking, babysitting and taking kids to and from school. With the help, parents can work more hours and pursue more opportunities.

4. Hong Kong Lifestyle

Hong Kong receives thousands of people looking to visit or live in the city and has a welcoming atmosphere for newbies. Making friends in Hong Kong is easy; unfortunately, people leave as often as they come in, making it difficult to create long friendships. Additionally, you get to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with numerous international restaurants that offer cuisine from across the world. There is also a wide variety of outdoor activities that cater to children and adults, giving you unlimited recreational opportunities.

5. Communication

A majority of the Hong Kong population speaks Cantonese; however, you will find a lot of English speakers in the business world. Learning Cantonese will help you especially in social settings. You may also have to learn Mandarin, the official language of Mainland China, as it is used by quite a significant percentage of the natives in Hong Kong.

6. Finding Work

Hong Kong has numerous opportunities for expatriates looking for work. Finding work is easy, and you can make applications before you travel. While looking for a job, your network will play an important role in helping you find opportunities; the expatriate community is quite small and you will always find someone who knows someone. A majority of the opportunities for people who don’t speak Cantonese or Mandarin are in finance, law and property. However, that does not limit you to these industries; you can always find employment that suits your skills.

7. Holidays

Hong Kong celebrates 17 holidays, giving you an opportunity to take a break from work and immerse yourself in their culture. However, note that unlike in the west, a holiday that falls on a Saturday is not celebrated on Monday.

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Hong Kong is a dream destination if you are looking for career growth and the ultimate international experience. If you have visited this Asian economic hub, share your experiences in the comments section below.