London Crossrail: Smoother Travel and Increased Career Opportunities...

With recent  tube strikes and an increasing population, making getting to work in the capital more difficult than trying to a put a rather large square peg into a tiny round hole, tensions have been rising - especially for those commuting in from the outskirts of the city.

This may be the case now, but according to government, there is light at the end of the tunnel (so to speak) as by 2019, the Crossrail will be up and running.

The Lowdown

Branded as one of the UK’s most significant infrastructure projects to date, the Crossrail is set to deliver a high capacity, high frequency service to 38 different stations, to both the east and west of London, therefore, easing congestion and improving the journey times for workers travelling both in and around the capital.

The route itself will span all the way from Maidenhead, Berkshire to Shenfield, Essex, passing through central London and many other major stations along the way, and in addition to releasing some much needed pressure from the capital’s ever-growing commuter crisis; it is set to provide a total of 55,000 jobs throughout the project and its supply chain.

As well as employment opportunities and improved transport connections, the £14.8bn project has also introduced the Crossrail Art Programme, in which world-renowned artists and architects are getting together to make the finished project as personalised and aesthetically pleasing as possible. It is designed to highlight the city’s varied, vibrant and eclectic cultural identity - something which is almost certain to boost morale, as well as a wider span of leisure and tourism in the capital.

All of this may seem light years away, but as we all know, time does fly when you’re having fun (or otherwise!). Navigating your way around the city on tube, or bus may seem like an arduous chore today, but soon enough, whether you’re a Londoner, or a dedicated ‘capital commuter’, you will live in a world where working on the go is easy, dashing to meetings to see clients is a breeze and a day’s job seeking may actually be an enjoyable experience!

Career and Development

Obviously a project of gargantuan proportions requires an incredible amount of manpower to ensure its success, and this means a host of help is needed right across the board. So if you are currently looking for a career leap, or are someone actively seeking work at the moment, the Crossrail may just be worth looking at. From Electrical and Interface Engineers to HR Administrators and Graphic Designers, there are plenty of great city based job opportunities, that are sure to look good on any CV. Many more are also said to be cropping up across the South in 2014.

For those who are looking for their first leap into the world of work, the Crossrail has also established The Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy (TUCA). This is a proactive scheme, which allows young people the opportunity to gain the essential trade skills required to carry out underground maintenance and excavation. If you are looking for a solid career path as a skilled tradesman, or civil engineer, this is a definitely a viable option and you will certainly be helping to keep a vital industry alive!

The Crossrail is an enormous investment of taxpayers money; however, it does come with the realistic promise of a brighter, ultra-productive, more accessible London - and surely the creation of so many jobs can’t be a bad thing?

What are your thoughts on the Crossrail? A wonderful thing or an idea that should have been binned?