London Fashion Week: Kate Moss and Lila Steal the Show

What's better than a Kate Moss frow-watch at Topshop? A Kate and Lila frow-watch that's what. Kate was working leopard silky pants (great on her, probably a bit of a weird cut on anyone else), her ubiquitous Saint Laurent tux jacket (take home message – buy a "version" from Zara and you'll never take it off), anonymous grey jumper (chic) and shades. An up-close examination revealed hair so silky it looked as if coated in honey. Meanwhile Lila was much, much closer to the LFW trend bar with her bomber jacket and sporty trousers. Our favourite sartorial detail? Lila's orangey red nails which - after a mini investigation from Guardian fashion - we believe to be the colour "Hip Hop" from the Kate Moss Rimmel London range.

The success of the Topshop Unique Show thanks to Kate Moss and her daughter has made us remember some of the do and don’ts of bringing your kids to work events:

  1. Think about what you would like your child to see or do that day based on their interests. Sit down the night before and talk to your child about what they want to learn that day and what they're most looking forward to.
  2. Seek out advice from other parents.
  3. Talk to your employer and colleagues about the day.
  4. Find out what line of work your child is interested in.
  5. Invite children other than your own. Invite your niece or nephew, neighbors, friends or children from housing authorities and shelters so that other children can participate in the program.
  6. Introduce your child to your colleagues.
  7. And of course dress your children according to the event. Always in fashion!





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