How to Look For a New Job Without Your Boss Finding Out

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We’ve all been in this situation; working for a company that you are actually trying to leave as soon as you get a new opportunity. But how do you go about searching for a new job, attending an interview and accepting a job offer all while you are still in your current job? This is a very tricky and stressful situation where you have to walk a fine line all the time. Until you are ready to inform your current boss that you are leaving, you must try to keep it under wraps.

Here’s a quick guide to help you secure a new job in stealth mode:

1. Don’t Go to Work Wearing Your Interview Clothes

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That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make while job hunting. When you are sitting around in an office with the same people for at least eight hours a day, then you tend to notice all the little details on your coworker’s appearance or routine. You even know their eating habits or shoe size,. So, think again before you do something that is even a little bit out of your regular routine.

So, if it is a casual workplace and you are always dressed in jeans and lose shirts, they will instantly notice something is off if you show up late wearing a brand new suit and polished shoes. They will know.

2. Turn Off Your LinkedIn Notifications

Your coworkers will instantly suspect something is going on when you decide to update your LinkedIn profile (when it’s already on point) with new skills and polished job descriptions. Why would you bother updating (again) your profile with even more examples and details if you are not trying to impress someone new?

3. Don’t Use the Office Printer

Even if you don’t have a printer at home, it is not a valid excuse to print off your resume on your work printer. Especially when you have only one printer to share with 50 other employees don’t ever use it for your new job interview. What happens when someone else goes to pick up their papers only to find out your resume printed off on fancy paper? Their instant reaction would be to shockingly shout out loud “who used the printer? Oh is that your resume Jane? Why is it here? Supervising a team of 5…since when are you a supervisor?”

And it’s out there. Then the office gossip starts and the rumour that Jane is attending an interview spreads like a virus in just a couple of seconds.

4. Have a Believable Excuse

So, you applied for a new job, and now you just got an email from the HR department asking you to come in for an interview the next day. That’s awesome news! So, what do you do? You call in sick/personal emergency or something similar, of course. But don’t walk back to work like you are 100 percent healed as you might get called in for a second interview a couple of days later. Try to keep things a bit vague saying that you are still not feeling very well and might visit the doctor again soon to make it easier for you to call in sick for the second time in a week.

5. Use Only Your Personal Email

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Don’t ever make this rookie mistake. It’s not just the fact that all activity on your work computer is tracked and traced; there’s always the case where everyone accidently finds out about your job hunting. Just think of this scenario: you are delivering a presentation in front of your team, and you have your computer hooked up to the projector. Suddenly you get an email notification from the new company’s HR with the subject “interview at 3pm”. Well, no need to say anymore.

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Searching for a job while you already have one can be very stressful especially when you are trying to hide it from your boss. So follow these tips and try to be as quiet as possible about it without hurting your boss’s feelings.

Have you ever been through this process? Share your experiences and tips below for our readers…