How to Lose weight at Work

It's been a few years since you started working for "the man".

A lot of time spent, slaving away at your desk. Negligent to your body's needs.

...And this morning.

This morning, you took a good hard look in the mirror and finally noticed the transformation.

Your once highly coveted washboard abs have swollen like some fleshy balloon-o-Twinkies.

Urgency strikes.

But you feel stuck because your waking hours are mostly spent at work.

Not to worry. Here's a few basic tips that'll help shed some pounds.

Forget About...

I. Delicious. Delightful. Deadly... Baked potato chips.

Just because they're baked doesn't mean they're good for you. Don't let that word fool you. It's just a marketing ploy to get gullible consumers--thinking they're making the healthy choice--the fork over the dough.

I mean, it's certainly true that both their caloric and fat content is lower than regular chips. But. Yup, there's a but. Baked chips are more processed than their non-baked counterpart.

As if that isn't bad enough, they also contain absurdly high levels of acrylamide--a cancer-causing chemical.

II. Who loves diet soda? Not your body.

Again, don't believe everything you read on a label. So don't believe in the word diet whenever it's stamped all over some fancy packaging. Research conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center revealed that people who drank two or more diet sodas daily had bigger waist sizes.

Furthermore, you're also more likely to have a stroke. Increased intake increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. YOUCH!

III. NO to energy shots.

I admit. I really struggle abiding by this particular advice. But I'm trying really hard not to be a bad boy.


So what's the deal with these energy shots? Well... quite a bit of side-effects, for starters. Nervousness, insomnia, and mood changes. That doesn't seem like it's worth the risk. Besides, if you want a good kick in the butt that'll get you hyped, just get some water. Really.

Fall In Love With... 

I. Snacks that won't kill you.

It's pretty clear what I mean by this. Stay away from the junk-food. And get some of those delicious gluten-free bars.

II. Green tea is your friend.

Instead of sipping on that ticking time-bomb espresso, have yourself some green tea. Apparently, its properties do wonders against colds.

Canadian researchers added green tea to samples of the adenovirus--the little bugger responsible for colds--and was squashed by EGCG, a compound found in green tea.

How cool is that?

III. Here's a bowl of fruit, y'all.

The obese and overweight take one hungered whiff of one of these fruits before a meal and automatically lose weight. Seriously. Fruit scent suppresses appetite. There was on a study on this.

So stock up on some fruit. Oh... and you can eat it if you want to.

It's really that simple. You just need to stick to your guns and not cave in.

But once you start seeing results, you'll stay focused to reach your goal.

Oh, you'll get there.

A pound at a time.