How To Lose Weight On A Busy Work Schedule

Losing weight can be a challenge that many of us have faced. Within the UK, 64% of residents are now considered to be overweight or obese. This is an alarming number. The reality is, we're busy and it is not always possible to eat healthy. Many of us leave for work early in the morning and return quite late. The last thing we want to do is prepare a healthy meal from scratch. We often opt for pre-made or take-away meals because they are fast and easy. Unfortunately these do not aid our weight loss efforts. These pre-made meals tend to be high in refined sugars, saturated fats and contain very little nutrients.

Tips To Lose Weight When You Are Extremely Busy

Be Organized

  • If you are working 40+ hours a week, you need to organize yourself. Designate time for weight loss activities and healthy eating.
  • Invest in a daily planner. If you write down an activity in a time slot, you are more prone to follow through. Choose two days out of the week to start. Pick a time and commit to running, yoga, cycling etc.

Plan Ahead

  • This could not be more crucial. Your daily planner will be a good start, but you need to plan meals. Pack a healthy lunch option the night before. There are numerous options when it comes to healthy, easy to prepare foods. Pack a salad or hummus with sliced carrots.
  • It is also a great idea to make a shopping list and get everything you need for the week in one trip.
  • You can even plan out your meals for the week. Choose easy options so that you stick to your meal plan. Incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals. 
  • Utilize leftovers. If you made a roast chicken on Sunday night, use some leftover chicken for a packed lunch. Adding some chicken onto a salad will add lean protein, while keeping you fuller, longer.
  • Keep healthy options at work. Monday morning, bring some healthy snacks to your desk. That way you will be more prepared for the week ahead. If you are in a rush Tuesday, you will have a banana and some granola waiting for you at the office. Breakfast is essential when weight loss is the goal. As well, if you're snacking on healthy options throughout the day, you are less prone to pig out on unhealthy options after work.

Change Routine

  • Let’s face it; we do not always want to exercise after work. We are exhausted by the time we commute, work, run errands, etc. Try incorporating some exercise time in the morning. Not only will you benefit towards weight loss, you will have a lot more energy for your work day.
  • If you normally go out for dinner every Wednesday night with your girlfriends, suggest taking a fitness class together instead. You will still get to socialize and have fun, while working towards your weight loss goal.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is empty calories. When you are out drinking, you are also more prone to go for options that make you gain weight (e.g. chips or nachos). You can still go out, just limit yourself to one drink. 
  • Swap your sugary drinks for water. Many people do not realize how many calories they consume from drinks. If you are prone to bring a can of pop to work, pack a water bottle to sip at. Also, try to consume more natural teas (e.g. green tea).

You can reach your weight loss goals, it is just a matter of taking that first step. Make the changes needed to work with your busy lifestyle. If you stay organized, plan ahead and change your current routine; you will begin to see results.  



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