How to Lose Weight with a Sedentary Job


 Working a sedentary job can wreak havoc on your healthy lifestyle. More and more of the modern workforce have become confined to the cubicle, thus obesity has become a sort of health crisis in recent years. In order to conquer the battle of the bulge, desk warriors need to be ever vigilant about how they eat, what they eat, and the amount they move each day. Here are a few tips to help even the most overworked cubie reach their weight loss goals.

1. Confess!

Holding yourself accountable for your actions can make a world of difference when working toward a difficult goal. Keeping a food and exercise journal can help you track your progress, provide you with a medium in which to confess mishaps and slipups, and help you to learn more about your unique eating and exercising habits. At every weigh-in or measurement check, go back in your journal to see when you were at your best and where improvements can be made.

2. Practice Portion Control

For those looking to drop a few pounds, portion control is key. Be sure to balance your diet with the appropriate amounts of fruits, veggies, whole grains, carbs, and proteins. When your diet is balanced, it can help you stave away cravings and can help you feel fuller between meals. Eating several small meals throughout your day can help boost your energy and metabolism. To simplify portion control, experts suggest the "7 inch plate" rule. By using a smaller plate, you essentially are forced to eat a smaller meal.

3. Keep It Simple

Sometimes when we set out on a new venture, we have a tendency to overwhelm ourselves before we even get out of the gate. Setting realistic goals for a healthier lifestyle rather than specific, rigid weight loss goals can help your brain put a more positive spin on the task at hand. Start off your diet simply: during week one, make some quick, easy, and attainable changes to your daily routine. For example, skip the soda or sweets after dinner and go for a stroll during your lunch break. The idea here is to build your confidence so when the going gets tough, you have the mental power to keep forging ahead.

4. Feel the Burn

There is some debate on whether counting calories helps or hurts, but in the overall scheme of things science tells us that in order to drop significant pounds, we have to use up more calories than we take in. A sedentary job can kill your chances of burning up excess calories through daily activity and, ideally, we all should get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Time to get creative: for example, stand up as much as possible during the work day, perform stretches or other quick exercises such as mountain climbers, squats or chair yoga at your desk or when watching TV. Using a pedometer can help you track your daily steps, and experts agree that taking just 7,000 steps a day can not only help you lose weight but can ward off diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

5. Quit the Scarf Fest

Research indicates that those that eat slower are more likely to eat less because they feel full sooner. Make sure to chew each bite well and take your time to enjoy your meal or snack. Taking time to eat can enhance enjoyment and also aid in better digestion.

Though keeping the weight off can pose as a challenge for those of us that have a sedentary job, it isn’t impossible. In fact, it allows us to be more creative when determining how we can attain our health. So be an innovator, task yourself to become the biggest loser at your office, and inspire others to follow suit as they watch you successfully shed those extra pounds.