Love is in the… Office!

Love is not the air as John Paul Young’s song says;  it’s in the office! And, according to recent reports, if you fall in love in the workplace, you are more likely to walk down the aisle with that person!

Reports suggest that relationships that begin in the workplace are more likely to lead to marriage than those which start elsewhere. The research uncovered that:

  • Despite many companies discouraging liaisons, the stresses and strains of the workplace help build a bond which leads to long-lasting relationships.
  • 14% of couples who met through work ended up married, compared to 11% who were introduced by friends.
  • On the contrary, a nightclub or pub meeting is most likely to result in nothing more than a one-night stand.
  • Those meeting on vacations also tend to have short-term romances.

Researchers suggest that employees spend so much time at the workplace that it’s natural to forge close friendships that may end up in a long-term relationship. After all,if you are working for the same company, you can one thing incommon right away. It is therefore more than probable that you will have similiar ambitions, interests and hobbies. 

Well, this sounds logical to me but don’t forget we are not living in a fairytale where everything works ideally. Honestly, how many times have you encountered a clash with a colleague of yours? For some of us, the thought of hooking up with a colleague is enough to make us quit! Tensions often run high in offices and people tend to have a far shorter fuse than they would do out of the office. 

The recipe for romance to flourish in the workplace calls for an atmosphere where mistakes are tolerated, differences are appreciated, communication is open and love grows unconditionally.

I am not against falling in love at the workplace or marrying a colleague! But be careful! Do not act provocatively in front of others; keep your ‘love affair’ behind closed doors! Moreover, make sure that you don’t cross boundaries between your relationship and the workplace; this might crucially risk your productivity. So restrict your “tender” moments to your private sphere.

Most of all, don’t forget that you will be encountering your significant other every day at work so if something goes wrong with your relationship you will be in the unfortunate position of not being able to avoid your partner. Worst case scenario, that partner could become an 'ex' which would make the workplace even more akward! 

Spening most of your waking hours at work, it is practical and expected that many of you will date a co-worker or marry someone you work with, but just remember - there is always a chance for things to turn sour, so be careful, protect your career, and refrain from discussing your personal life with colleagues. 




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