Low Skilled Jobs: The Government's Solution to Unemployment

If you live in the UK and you have not witnessed or experienced some of the backlash from the rise in unemployed young people during the economic crisis then you are in a very privileged position indeed. While the number of unemployed people has finally started to go down thankfully, it is still at an extremely high 7.1%. The government has a lot of work to do if it wants to achieve the goals of beating the economic crisis. Sadly, it seems that the government is stuck in the mentality that young people are lazy. So should we just be telling the youth to just get up off their arses and get a job, or is there more to this? Does more need to be done?

While many young British people are indeed lazy and content with surviving on benefits, this is certainly not true of the vast majority of them. Recent comments by the former TV presenter and new Employment Minister Esther McVey have shown that the conservatives have a rock solid plan to deal with unemployment… or so they think.

What is this genius plan you may ask, well it is for all of the unemployed youth to take low skilled, low paying jobs. The genius of this idea is that you will gain the experience and skills that you need in order to get jobs later in life. The Minister used the example of people getting a job at Costa Coffee stating "You could be working at Costa. But in a couple of years’ time you might say, “I’d like to manage the area or might even want to run a hotel in Dubai." 

She seemed to point out that there was a very grey future in front of them so they should take what they can get. I am sure the fact that lowering the unemployment figures, even if the jobs are low skilled and low paid, in time for re election prospects has nothing to do with it. So all you lazy unemployed people need to go and get a job because if you are willing, then there is a job for you. Listen to Esther -she’s very convincing… after all she was a TV presenter.

Cracks are beginning to show...

It would seem that there is a bit of a flaw in Esther’s genius plan, which is actually painfully similar to Norman Tebbit’s get on your bike’ idea of the 1980’s and Ian Duncan Smiths 2010 ‘get on the bus’ policy. Tebbit’s idea was very simple: Get on your bike and go find a job (you lazy B*******, it seemed to imply…)

Essentialy, there aren’t enough low skilled or low paying jobs around for people to learn the key skills Ester is talking about. As Frances O’Grady, the general secretary of the Trades Union Congress points out “I’m sure young people would love to work at Costa – but last year more than 1,700 people applied for eight jobs at a new Costa Coffee shop in Nottingham.”

The world has changed a lot since many of these politicians had to secure their first jobs. It is not a simple case of trying hard enough and you will get a job. Jobs actually need to be created through increased entrepreneurship and business expansion. This can only happen with the help of the government, through grants and initiatives to entrepreneurs and SME’s.

Do you think that people are being lazy and telling them to take a low skilled job to get the right skills is a genuine solution? Or, do you feel that Esther is just re-hashing the same Tory line over and over again.

Your comments below please, if you aren’t too lazy?