Loyalty Platforms for Businesses

Loyality Platforms

Nowadays, the business world has become increasingly competitive. Therefore, to survive, you need to find a way of retaining your existing customers, as well as attracting new ones. One of the best ways of doing this is by rewarding customers that are loyal to your business. This will make them feel appreciated and encourage them to return for more. Here are some of the best platforms and apps for running a loyalty and rewards program:

1. LevelUp

LevelUp allows Android phone or iPhone users to scan QR codes in stores and redeem loyalty points collected from regular shopping. This means customers don’t have to carry around cash or brand-specific loyalty cards. They can buy anything directly from their smartphones. LevelUp does not charge merchants any processing fee. However, you will need to pay a fee if you want to get analytics of customer visits and purchases.

2. Key Ring

With this app, customers choose from a wide range of loyalty programs, after which they get coupons and offers sent directly to their smartphones. In addition, customers can use their phones to scan all their reward and loyalty cards. Key Ring is not only compatible with Android phones and iPhones, but also with Windows phones and Blackberry. Merchants can use this app to create their own campaigns in the form of one-time redemption offers, sweepstakes or discounts, and surveys. To avoid being overwhelmed by demand, Key Ring allows you to set redemption limits.

3. Buzztable

Buzztable is an app designed for restaurants. It allows customers to view what the menu has to offer, see how long the queue is, and thus decide whether to cancel the reservation or wait. In addition, it comes with a table assignment feature which allows restaurant owners to seat more customers faster. You can also reward regular customers with VIP status, thus giving them access to special treats and incentives. Birthday perks, loyalty rewards and new offers can be sent to customers via email or their smartphones.

4. DeelioZ

This is an app that allows customers to gather points, which they can later use to redeem rewards from specific outlets. Users earn points every time they visit a participating store, or get someone else to download the app and visit the store. Store owners can easily begin a rewards program at DeelioZ and inform prospects and customers about future events and offers. This service enables you to personalize your relationship with customers by offering customized rewards and personalized birthday messages.

5. Perka

Every time a customer signed on Perka makes a purchase at a participating outlet, they receive a stamp. The more stamps they get, the higher they rise in the loyalty ladder until they reach VIP status. Being higher in the loyalty ladder allows customers to have more access to special perks. Besides offering rewards, businesses can use Perka to collect feedback from their customers. It comes with an app for both Android and iOS. However, customers that don’t have smartphones can also participate via text. Your customers can either earn points for every dollar spent at your store or rewards for every individual purchase.

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Other loyalty programs you might want to consider include ERPLY, Pirq, Belly, SpotOn and Punchcard. Have you used any of these? Feel free to share in the comments section below.