Lunchtime Etiquette in the Office

Lunchtime etiquette is a valuable tool in ensuring workplace success. Without it, it could end up holding back your career. Without realizing it, your lunchtime etiquette behavior may be having a bigger impact on your career than you realize.

When taking your lunch in the workplace there are a number of rules that you will need to follow in order to ensure that you are behaving in a socially responsible manner. 

Below are some tips on how to ensure that your lunchtime behavior is creating a positive impression on those around you.

Office lunch etiquette explained

Taking lunch

When taking lunch you should only do so during your assigned hours. This is because you will more than likely be on a rotation, therefore you should never leave others waiting.

Avoid eating at your desk

The purpose of a lunch break is to switch off from your workplace responsibilities and get some mental and physical rest. Remaining at your desk for a continuous stretch of time is unhealthy and unproductive. It is therefore essential that you use your break to your advantage, by taking some time out to relax and unwind.

Be sociable

Ask some members of your team if they would like to join you for lunch, or make a habit or encouraging a regular office lunch break to strengthen the bond amongst you. If you are typically shy by nature then your lunch break is an excellent opportunity to boost your confidence and get to know your colleagues better.

Be selective about what you bring to the table

Avoid foods that are off-putting or typically smelly, such as eggs or fish.

Watch your behavior

When sitting with your colleagues it is essential that you are fully present. Do not immerse yourself in your mobile phone or appear distant or disinterested. Take part in conversation but be sure not to talk or laugh with your mouth full. Interact with your colleagues, take your time when eating and wait until everybody has finished eating before leaving the table.