In today's car market, luxury ain't what it used to be. Fierce competition has made the most popular upscale trappings available to a great number of buyers. Today, a well-equipped midsize sedan has more accessories, high-tech features, snazzy systems and opulent trim than buyers of high-end luxury cars could even dream up 20 years ago. Go shopping with a maximum budget of $40,000 and you will find slick and smooth-running coupes, sedans and even sport wagons with great powertrains, superb looks and more equipment than you can memorize. 

1. Audi A4 allroad

Base price: $39,600

2. BMW 135i Coupe

Base price: $39,300

3. BMW 320i xDrive

Base price: $39,200

4. Buick LaCrosse

Base price: $39,545

5. Cadillac ATS

ATS 2.5L Luxury: $39,330 | ATS 2.0L Turbo AWD: $39,595

6. Cadillac CTS Coupe

CTS Coupe RWD: $39,900

7. Chrysler 300

300 C Luxury Series RWD: $40,780

8. Ford Taurus

Taurus Limited AWD: $39,940

9. Hyundai Genesis

Genesis 3.8: $39,000

10. Infiniti G37

G37 Journey: $39,850

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