How to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Personal Network

If you have struggled to find a job before, you probably know the importance of keeping in touch with your past colleagues. According to Help Guide, the number one way to get a new opportunity is networking. It is, therefore, paramount that you maintain a happy and reliable network with people that will help you up the career ladder.

Evaluate the Value of your Relationships

If all the people you know are only relevant when you need to party, it is time to make new friends. Study and understand the value of professional networks in order to motivate yourself into making new acquaintances. If there is a real opportunity in the market, you will find about it faster if you have people who think about you there.

Be Intentional

You are more likely to get things done if you schedule them. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you don’t know people in your industry. Start by calling old friends to know which industry they got into. Use their networks to know new people in your profession. Attend seminars and forums by relevant stakeholders in your business to meet new people.

Keep in Touch

When you meet new or long-lost people, show interest in their lives and keep in touch. Call them if your relationship is close enough, follow them on social media and invite them to events that can benefit them. Share updates on what your career needs are and show gratitude when people show concern. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn make it more comfortable and easier to stay in touch. Do not wait until you are in a crisis to contact your networks.

Be Helpful

Reciprocation is a critical part of healthy relationships. Be responsive and show interest when people in your network ask for your help. Be empathic also and help new job seekers by sharing your lessons and experience. The people you help may end up being very resourceful when they grow up the ladder.

Register with Professional Associations

Joining professional associations helps you stay up to date on trends in your profession. While most professional organizations require money to join, the benefits surpass the cost. Use them to earn extra documentation, meet stakeholders and make friends with people that influence your industry.

Find a Mentor

Have a mentor for every phase of your career. A good mentor will give you honest and firsthand feedback to help you refine your networks and career. Your mentor could also be a way to meet more people in your profession. The more mentors you have, the more you learn. For example one mentor may teach you how to navigate office politics and the other can teach you how to plan your career path. Be careful not to get confused though.

Healthy relationships not only assure one of a better wellbeing, but they help you access more information and opportunities. Networking is the one of the best and most timeless ways to find a job. Evaluate what you need to avoid overwhelming yourself with irrelevant relationships.


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