How to Maintain Persistent Career Performance Despite a Spontaneous Personality

When we hear of multiple personalities, the first thing that comes to mind is of course disorder. Having multiple personalities is usually perceived as an anomaly. But in actual fact, it has been proven that people with multiple personalities tend to be exceptionally creative. A good example is the leading musicians, actors and actresses we know of in show business today. The fact that they can switch personalties so conveniently just shows you how diverse their creativity is. However, having a spontaneous personality can prove to be quite a huddle when it comes to maintaining persistent career performance because...

One tends to get easily distracted hence compromised concentration at work

People with spontaneous personalities tend to think of different things at once. This might sound like a big advantage, but all the same, it tends to dissect the much needed attention for work. Therefore, you’ll find someone conveniently leaving an activity halfway and going for another simply because it’s more interesting and engaging than the previous one.

Stressful situations can trigger acute mood swings

Another thing, stressful situations can indeed bring about confusion when it comes to response. Having different personalities means that you can react differently. Too much spontaneity during stressful times however can mean acute mood swings. This will definitely lead to panic and ultimately neglect of tasks at the workplace.

One gets easily bored with the same working environment and repetitive tasks

The fact that you can switch personalities spontaneously means that you’re accustomed to excitement. You like exciting challenges that stretch the limits of your spontaneous personality. Repetitive tasks however will not be exciting to you. Moreover, when you get used to a working environment, you’ll feel like you’re locked in a cage. Such circumstances will definitely make you hate your job.

There is increased possibility of friction with fellow workmates

There is also the issue of relating with people in the workplace. Everyone loves stability in social interaction. However, a spontaneous personality could actually work against you especially in delicate circumstances. For instance, you might be this cool and calm person on most occasions. But when an argument erupts, you could turn out to be a loud and monstrous freak. This contradiction of course wouldn’t settle well with your fellow workmates.

How then does one maintain consistent career performance despite a spontaneous personality?

#1 Acclimatise to normal situations more often

Having a spontaneous personality might make you feel segregated since most people have a singular personality. This might then tempt you to withdraw and resort to introvert tendencies. However, for your own sake, it would be wise to acclimatize to normal situations once in a while. Socialize with regular people more often to blend in and understand them better. Learn from them on what they do to stay engaged at work and follow their lead where possible. But your efforts won’t be worthwhile unless you...

#2 Have a spontaneous and adventurous reward system to compensate for a routine career

Acclimatising to normal situations won’t make your spontaneous personality go away. In fact, you’re likely to implode the very moment you start suppressing it. So learn to harness and dispose of that energy constructively. In this case, you could learn to look forward to something worthwhile. Come up with a spontaneous and adventurous reward system as a gift for your tolerance towards normal situation. This will definitely motivate you to maintain consistent career performance even during the most boring of situations at work.

#3 Share your story with like-minded acquaintances

It takes a spontaneous personality to know a spontaneous personality. Therefore, sharing your story with like-minded individuals will give you the much needed moral support assuring you that you’re not alone. Plus, you’ll get to learn how different people cope with diverse challenging situations. This will definitely give you a variety of defense mechanisms that you’ll use in maintaining consistent career performance. Plus of course, you get to save on hefty therapy costs.

The problem with many people today is that they try to imitate others without carefully considering adverse effects on their personality. Consequently, they get stressed out, beat up and worn out simply because they never followed the intuition of their individual personalities. That’s why I like how Karl Lagerfield puts it, "Personality begins where comparison ends."

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