How to Maintain Your Netflix Addiction Without Sacrificing Your Work

It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago, no one had even heard of Netflix. Now it’s super common to declare yourself totally and completely obsessed with this streaming service. It’s cheap, it’s got full seasons of more TV shows that you could possibly watch in your lifetime, and everyone loves it. There comes a time, however, when your addiction to Netflix might start interfering with your job. You might start faking sick in favor of staying home on your couch, and that’s not a good idea. But you don’t have to give up your beloved Netflix. That would be way too cruel. It’s definitely possible to maintain your Netflix love without sacrificing the work you love. Read on to find out how.

1. Watch a Sitcom While Getting Ready for the Office

You have a morning routine, right? Maybe you sit down to a nice healthy leisurely breakfast. Or maybe (and more likely) you rush out the door after missing your alarm and eat your breakfast at your desk. Whatever the case is, you don’t have to waste this precious time. Put your getting ready time to good use and watch a sitcom on Netflix while you brush your teeth, brush your hair, decide what to wear to the office, etc. You’ll love mornings even if you typically hate them, and you’ll make a dent in all the fun sitcoms Netflix has to offer. Sounds pretty perfect.

2. Use Your Commute Wisely

You already have to commute to the office in the morning and at night. You hate your commute – the subway is always super crowded, people stand too close to you, it always takes longer than you wish it would. Well, that is all about to change. Why not watch Netflix on your device or iPad during your commute? It’s just wasted time otherwise – you know you’re not going to do the work reading that you swore you would.

3. Put Netflix on in The Background at Work

Come on, admit it: you waste a lot of time at work on social media. We all do it. So why not waste time watching Netflix instead? Put on some headphones and play something on Netflix on your work computer. You can hide it from your boss by closing the Internet window every so often, and your coworkers will just think you’re listening to music. As long as you’re sneaky about it, it can be done.

4. Binge-Watch on Weekends

We all love to binge-watch, and that’s definitely the number one way to get advantage of Netflix. If you spend every weeknight glued to your couch, however, you’re going to have a tough time going to bed. You’re going to be tempted to watch just one more episode, which will turn into yet another episode, and soon it’ll be three a.m. and you still haven’t gone off to dreamland yet. Yikes. Here’s an easy solution: save your binge-watching sessions for the weekend, and you can still walk into the office every morning ready for the day, instead of coming into work with a Netflix-induced hangover. No one wants that.

5. Documentaries at Lunchtime

Netflix has some amazing documentaries, and many of them are still in theatres by the time the service starts streaming them. Why not bring your personal laptop to the office and set it up in the boardroom/conference room/lunch room around noon every day? Your boss won’t be able to say anything because you’ll be watching a documentary, which everyone knows is super educational, and because it’s your lunch hour, it won’t interfere with your work. You’ll be super popular with your coworkers too, who are each dealing with their own Netflix obsessions. You’re so sweet to help them out like this.

6. Treat Yourself With Your Favourite Show

When addicts are living their crazy, addicted lives, they give into their desires whenever they want, right? They don’t think about the consequences, they just focus on what they want in this moment. That’s basically the point of addiction. So if you’re addicted to Netflix and still want to have a thriving career, you can’t just watch it 24/7 and give into your addiction. Instead, save your favorite show for when you really and truly deserve it. If you win that raise, for example, then reward yourself by going home that night to watch three episodes of your favourite show that’s streaming on the service right now. Increase the number of episodes you allow yourself to watch for each of your career accomplishments. So, if you get that big promotion or a fancy new job, then you can watch five episodes.

7. Take Breaks Throughout The Day

According to experts, we need a break around every hour or so – after working for 52 minutes, we should take 17 minutes off. Well, that works perfectly with your love of Netflix, right? So work in 52 minute increments and then give yourself a 5-10 minute Netflix break. It’ll be enough, so your boss doesn’t notice what’s going on and you’ll feel like you got your fix to continue working now.

8. Use it For Employee Bonding

Create a Netflix club at the office – okay, maybe you can come up with a way less cheesy name than that – and have everyone stay an hour or so later every Thursday evening to watch a show. You can watch career-focused shows like Mad Men and learn from them. Have a fifteen-minute discussion after each session and chat about what you can each learn from the characters’ work actions and behavior. Before you know it, you’ll have all bonded, became better employees, and you got to watch Netflix. Awesome.

9. Lie About Your Coffee Breaks

Many companies are cool with employees taking two short coffee breaks every day. Of course you take them because we’ve all got a pretty fierce caffeine addiction. But since you have a Netflix addiction to, you should probably be sacrificing your daily cups of joe for it. Tell your coworkers you’re off to Starbucks and hide in the hallway bathroom for 15 minutes, watching Netflix with your headphones. It’s sneaky, sure, but it’s a brilliant plan, right? What your boss and fellow employees don’t know, won’t hurt them.

10. Work Out And Watch

exercise and watch tv

You know you have to exercise. You hate it, but you still have to do it. Stop paying money for that expensive gym you never go to and start working out at home while watching a Netflix show. You’ll kill two birds with one stone – your TV addiction and your unfortunate desire to be healthy – and be super happy. Sometimes it’s all about multi-tasking.

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If you have a Netflix obsession, you’re definitely not alone. Many of us have gotten bitten by the binge-watching bug and love to spend more hours than we probably should, indulging in our favorite shows. But worry no more. You definitely can watch Netflix as much as you want and you won’t even have to lose your job over it. With this guide, you know now how to maintain your Netflix addiction without sacrificing your work. Go you!