How to Make a Comeback after Years of Unemployment

Making a comeback after years of unemployment is not an easy task. And that’s because we’re dealing with someone who’s undergone profound transformation. Talk about the scars of consistent rejection in job interviews or even a bruised ago that results from overwhelming job market competition. We can’t forget to mention the years of psychological and emotional trauma that one has had to deal with, bearing in mind the pressure that society places on the unemployed to fit in by getting jobs. So what happens if you’re in such a predicament and all of a sudden, you get a job? Surely, the last thing you want is to extend the detrimental side-effects of unemployment into your new preoccupation. And so we ask...

How does one make a comeback after years of unemployment?

#1 Revamp your Social Skills to work on your Confidence

Once people lose their jobs, a phase of social withdrawal tends to unfold. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the social stigma propagated by fellow employed colleagues. And at times, one can feel quite isolated so much so that they become extreme introverts. But the last thing you want is to extend this to your new job. So it would be wise to revamp your social skills here and there. Catch up with a few friends, attend career events once in a while and be on the look out for new career acquaintances. In fact, people that share the same career story as you do will be a big plus in helping you work out your social skills. And that’s just the beginning...

#2 Work on your Public Relations Attribute and Professional Etiquette

Polishing up your social skills alone won’t be effective unless it’s complimented by public relations skills and professional etiquette. Basically, I’m referring to your wholistic image at the work place. Social skills are indeed common, but professional courtesy is quite rare. So you’ll need to remind yourself of how you used to carry yourself in your previous job - From the choice of apparel and professional speech to company protocol regarding interaction at the workplace. More important will be the impression you create. Will it be at par with your company’s image or will you lose your professional credibility in the eyes of your new boss? Speaking of credibility...

#3 Factor in Skills gained During Unemployment Phase

Most unemployed people today are too smart to simply sit at home doing nothing. While a resounding majority result to entrepreneurship, others are into volunteer work, internships and even contractual freelancing engagements. With that in mind, I’m sure some exceptional skills were gained. These would prove to be a very big plus especially if your employer seeks to cut unnecessary outsourcing costs by maximizing on existent company labour. The more you complete tasks beyond your pay grade, the more likely you’re to get promoted. Now that we’ve mentioned tasks, you shouldn’t forget to...

#4 Revise and Organize your Daily Schedule for a Balanced Work Life

With unemployment comes plenty of free time. So plenty in fact that soon enough, a flexible working schedule forms the very basis of your daily tasks. However, things are likely to get tough especially if your new job demands lot’s of punctuality. I’m sure you must have thought long and hard regarding the repercussions of pursuing the supposed job considering the demanding working schedule. And so in a bid to bring about a balanced work life, you’ve got to come up with a schedule that sufficiently incorporates your private affairs as well as public life. This of course should be done without any time conflicts that might jeopardize your new job.

#5 Draft a List of Progressive Goals and Milestones

Did unemployment make you trash your career goals altogether? Well, it might be time for you to reassess yourself in accordance with your new job. If you’re employed on contractual terms, draft a plan on what you aim to achieve in that span of months, years or even decades for that matter. Work on progressive goals and milestones that are flexible enough to endure sudden unemployment. As the saying goes, once bitten, twice shy.

Many view unemployment as a form of failure. But here’s the turn around. Failure is and will continue being a significant teacher in our lives. So maybe it’s about time we embraced it instead of stressing out over it. In any case, the lessons we learn from failure should motivate us to make one hell of a comeback - unafraid, undeterred and resilient. As an anonymous tip once put it, "Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker."

Image Credit: "Stepping into the Light" via trading pounds