How to Make a Manager Notice You in the Fast Food Industry

If you work at a busy, popular fast food restaurant, there's no doubt a lot of people on the payroll to cover multiple shifts; and with so many workers, it can be challenging to get the recognition you deserve. 

However, if you're a hard worker and eager to move up the chain of command, getting noticed by your manager can speed your advancement. Here are six subtle ways to show off your abilities. 

#1 Be friendly and greet everyone

Let's be honest, fast food restaurants do not always employ the friendliest people. In fact, smiling behind the counter has practically become the exception. It's a fast-paced environment and there isn't always a lot of time to give each customer a proper greeting. However, the friendlier you are behind the counter, the easier it'll be to get noticed by your manager. Leave your attitude at the door when you come to work, always smile and treat each customer with respect. 

#2 Do your job - well

It isn't enough to perform assigned duties, you need to do your job well and exceed your manager's expectations. Pay attention during your training and always ask questions if you don't fully understand how to complete a certain task. The fewer mistakes you make on the job, the better. Also, don't get defensive when someone, such as your manager or a coworker offers a suggestion. Even if you don't completely agree, be humble and accept the advice. This shows a cooperative spirit and demonstrates your ability to learn - the signs of a good future leader. 

#3 Be conscientious 

Being obedient can take you further in any industry. Even if you don't understand a rule, do your best to follow procedures. For example, your manager may ask the staff to limit the number of condiments given to customers, or to prepare desserts a certain way. In addition, your manager may require each employee to wear a hair net or wash their hands upon arriving to work. Your manager may not commend you for following the rules every day, but he's likely taking notice. As a result, he'll remember you when the time comes to promote or offer raises. 

#4 Be a team player

It may not be your dream job, but if you show that you're a team player, it might be a steppingstone to something bigger. How do you demonstrate this? For example, maybe you can take a later break or a shorter break if the restaurant gets slammed with customers. And if your manager needs people for overtime, perhaps you can volunteer, or fill in for coworkers who need time off. 

#5 Be flexible with your schedule

In addition, it helps to make yourself available at different times of the day. Understandably, this isn't always possible, especially if you're in school or only able to work certain shifts. But if you're able and willing to work undesirable times, such as the early morning or late night hours, your manager may greatly appreciate your cooperation. 

#6 Watch your appearance

No, you don't work in a corporate office. But this doesn't suggest ignoring your appearance. Even if you're wearing a uniform and a company hat, make sure that your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. Additionally, brush or comb your hair, cover up visible tattoos and remove multiple piercings. Some people will base your professionalism on your appearance. 

What other ways can help you get noticed by managers in the fast food industry?

Image Credit: Flickr