How to Make a New Employee Feel Truly Welcome

I’m sure there’s no need to tell you that good employees are hard to come by. Despite the fact that you may get a pile of CVs and cover letters when you advertise a position, it doesn’t mean that every candidate you’ll invite for the interview will be suitable for the position. And it’s not only the exact qualifications, skills and expertise you’re after which are hard to come by. It also has to do with the fact that a candidate must also have the right feel; you have to be able to vision him or her with the team.

So, when you do find someone who possesses all these qualities, you’ll want to hold on to them tight. And to do that, you must make the said employee feel valued. Sure a Christmas bonus will go a long way to help you achieve that, but a good relationship with an employee doesn’t start or stop there. You need to begin building a loyal employee culture from the first day a new employee sets his foot into the office. To do that, you must put in place a welcoming system for all new employees.

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1. Show Them the Lay of the Land

New employees are like children on their first day at school; they need their hand to be held even to go to the bathroom. Don’t walk them to the bathroom door –that’ll be a-w-k-w-a-r-d, but make sure you give them the lay of the land. Give them a walking tour of the office, show them where the bathroom, kitchen, water glasses, mugs, tea, coffee and everything else is. If they know where everything is, they’ll feel less intimidated, and if they feel less intimidated, then they won’t waste valuable work time wondering if it’s the right or the left door that leads to the bathroom.

It’s also important for new employees to know where everything is because that way they’ll feel more at ease and happy. And everyone knows a happy employee is a productive employee.

2. Introduce Them


You don’t expect a new employee to start introducing him or herself, do you? What you need to do is this: as soon as the new employee has signed his contract, make sure you send an email out to all other employees saying that there’s a new person joining the team on (insert day), his name is such and such and that he has passed the hiring process with flying colours. You should also mention that you hope that everyone will make an effort to make this new person feel at home.

It’s important that you go through this step because otherwise the new person will show up and no one will know who he is or why is there, which, needless, to say will increase whispers and gossip and waste valuable company time.

It’s very important that you introduce him to everyone in their department and go through what everyone does, say, for example, this is Chris, he’s a programmer, if you have issues with the website talk to him. But don’t just introduce him to the people in his department; parade him around in the other departments as well. This will reduce the detours people from other departments will take to have a look at the new guy throughout the day, while it will also make the new employee feel that he knows where everyone is.

3. Six Hour Week Is the Way Forward

Surely you don’t expect for a new employee to be productive in their first week, right? They will get some work done, but they’ll also spend that first week pretty much figuring out how everything works, etc. So, why not treat them to a shorter work week.

They’ll really appreciate it, and trust me they won’t forget it till the day they leave.

4. Let Them Eat Cake

I’m sure that you know by now that cake day is always a better workday for any employee. They might complain about all those calories, but the extra trip to the kitchen to get cake makes them feel part of the community.

So, why not take advantage of the arrival of the new guy to make the rest of your team happy as well? Get a cake for the office! The new guy will feel pretty special, and he won’t shut up about what a great boss you are. Plus everyone gets cake, how can there be a down side.

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If you are taking on new employees then congratulations, that means you are expanding, and if you are expanding then business is good. Remember that your employees are part of the reason you are expanding, and you need to keep them happy and loyal. What better way to do that, than to make them feel welcome?

What methods do you use to make your new employees feel welcome? Your thoughts and comments below...