How to Make a Profit Using Pinterest

Pinterest is not merely a place to showcase images of trendy clothes, fancy furniture and so on. You can also tap into Pinterest to sell to people who appreciate the more visual side of things. You can sell digital and physical products or services, increase book sales, promote affiliate products, as long as you get creative when it comes to visually representing your products or services. Monetising your Pinterest account can be a piece of cake. You only have to follow the steps outlined below to make the most out of it.

Promote Your Product Creatively

There is no better way to increase traffic to your website than filling your feed with eye-catching images. Whatever product you sell on Pinterest, make sure you use an image that gets people’s attention. Every single image should link back to the product on your site.

Another inventive way to promote your product on Pinterest is to use an infographic that shows how your product or service can solve a specific problem. Link this infographic to your real sales page. You can alternatively post an explainer video that takes potential customers through a specific problem and how your product will help them sort it out.

It is also recommended to showcase your product in use in real-life situation so that people understand what it would be like owning it. If possible, repin your customer’s photos that show how they use the product and collect testimonials to make your selling argument even more credible.  


Expanding your network is a prerequisite for making a profit on Pinterest. Actively follow and repin other people’s posts especially those whom you deem to be your target group.

Having a large network also means that your photo will likely get repinned several times, this will allow you to reach a larger audience.

Pin and repin the content that other people share. In return, these individuals will likely promote your pictures. The larger the audience is, the higher your chances to maximise sales and to expand your loyal fan base. 

Target the Right Audience

Before organising your pinboards you need to define your target audience. Pinterest contains a variety of channels and categories such as travel, events, photography and so on.  Make use of them to make your images easy to find and to follow. Provide additional ‘mood boards’ with swatches of fabric, old photographs, favorite sayings, etc together with the images of your products so as to give your loyal followers a sense of what you are all about.

 SEO on Pinterest

Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of online marketing. If you seek to maximise your exposure, you will have to use SEO techniques to reach an audience beyond Pinterest. Just make sure you provide the right descriptions on your profile and photos that will make it easier for people to find the information both on the social network and through search engines. Use hashtags in front of keywords to help searches find your pin, (e.g.: #cosmetics, # chinaware, etc) and always provide a link to your site or product in the description below each pin.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are a member of an affiliate programme such as Amazon or any other online retail networks, you can pin your products by using your affiliate link for each pin. If you are not a member to any affiliate programme, sign up on ClickBank, to access a network of affiliated programs. Then use the affiliate links to tag pins, so that when people follow your link from Pinterest will get directed to the specific site. In this way, you will be seen as the referrer and you will be gaining commission based on the sales generated.

Pinterest requires you get creative when it comes to monetising it. Make the most of Pinterest’s visual appeal to attract new customers and explore niche markets to give your selling activity a competitive advantage.  




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