How to Make a Small Office Look Bigger and Functional

Small rooms often have a cozy, soothing effect on occupants. They seem much more relaxed and functional as compared to bigger offices. However, it can be hard to pull off the ‘big office’ effect without tips on what to do to make the room seem larger than it really is. It is all about deceiving the eyes. How we perceive a room entirely depends on what we do. Looking to make your small office look bigger and functional? Keep reading.

Clear the Room of Clutter

In any small space, it is advisable not to have too much stuff. Having just enough items allows the room to look spacious since there is sufficient space to move around. Get rid of the old magazines or the large coffee table occupying the center of the room and other items you don’t require. You will be surprised at how spacious a small office becomes after clearing clutter.

Have an Attention Grabber

Having a single item in the office that draws the attention of visitors can contribute to making it spacious. It could be an amazing piece of art or a huge mirror placed on the wall facing the front door. When the focus of the visitor is shifted to the item, he will rarely bother to look around the office and note how small it is. Avoid having many attention grabbers as they cause the eyes to wander around the office.

Be Creative with Colours

If you are not good with colours, hire an interior designer to perform the magic for you. As a rule of thumb though, you should focus on painting your walls and roof in bright colours. Particularly, white, blue and shades of green have a big impact on making small officer appear big, spacious and functional. For example, you can paint the office all white or mix up the colors. Ensure there is plenty of light filtering into the room to compliment these colors.

The Walls is Your Friend

Where possible, use the walls to create storage space. When furnishing my home office, for instance, I found that using shelves and keeping all furniture along the walls allowed the room to seem larger than it really was. It was surprising how a few wall-fitted shelves freed space that would have otherwise been occupied by a drawer. You could do it in your office to achieve the same effect.

Choose Symmetry, Not Diversity

It is understandable that you may want to have different designs of furniture in your small office. The bad news is you will run a risk of ending up with an office that looks squeezed and dysfunctional. Instead, choose matching furniture to make your office feel balanced. If a desk breaks, be sure to acquire a similar one.

Use Shades, Not Curtains

When it comes to glamour and romance, curtains will never fail you. When it comes to a workplace environment, however, it is all about functionality. As such, using office shades and other office window treatments should be your only option. Shades eliminate the possibility of distractions, especially on a chilly, boring day. You can visit the Shade Store to view a variety of functional shades.

With these tips, you are ready to pump life into your small, clattered office. Good luck!

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