How to Make a T-shirt CV

 How to Make a T-shirt CV business insider

Standing out in a competitive marketplace as a fresh graduate or new job seeker is one of the most difficult, tiring, and time consuming tasks you have to overcome in order to land a job, and that doesn’t even mean you will land your dream! Graduates are fighting over the scraps left on the table with over-qualified candidates applying for basic sales roles and even non-degree related positions. So with so many going for the same jobs, how on earth can you stand out? The answer: get creative!

One of the most interesting, engaging and differentiating approaches you can take is to follow in the footsteps of Joe Busby by creating a T-shit CV. Wearing his CV (quite literally), he was able to secure several job offers and was inundated with requests for him to send his CV to companies; clearly his tactic paid off!

Let’s take a look at how to go about creating a T-shirt CV.

1. Write your CV (consider the space you have)

You cannot print your entire CV on a T-shirt, mainly because it needs to be readable for passer’s by. Also, as a job seeker or unemployed grad, you will likely have little income coming in (if any at all) and most T-shirt printing companies will charge by the word!

This is a great way to make you think about what information you need to include on your T-shirt. Education and contact details are vital, followed by the type of industry or job you are looking for (this will whittle down irrelevant offers).

2. Decide on format and T-shirt type

If you are a particularly small person, you will need to consider the amount of information you can realistically promote on your T-shirt, the size of the font, colour of text and T-shirt size. The bigger the T-shirt, the more information you can include, but the harder it might be for people to read if it creases or blows in the wind.

White fitted tops are advisable, along with a black, clear font such as Times New Roman or Calibre and a large header with your name and the word “CV”.

Print on both side of the T-shirt for added effect and to catch the attention of more passer’s by!

3. Get it printed

There are many online T-shirt printing options if you do not live near a printing shop. Be sure to check out places like eBay for T-shirt printing at slightly more competitive pricing! Depending on the quality of material you opt for, the price will rise, but it is essential that the text printed on the T-shirt doesn’t ‘run’ or peel off in any way, so opt for the slightly better quality material.

4. Promote yourself!

All the leg work is now done; all that is left is to don the T-shirt and walk about town! Walk around during rush hour and at lunchtime, and walk in areas where companies that you would love to work for are located. It’s all about targeting your self-promotion to the right people!

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Have you ever created a CV T-shirt? Would you consider it? Let us know what other creative ideas you have for CV promotion in the comments section below.