How to Make Hard Decisions With Zero Based Thinking

Are you unsatisfied or disappointed with your life? Or are you interested in taking your life to an entirely different level? The result will be a life transformation. First, you must get a clear understanding of precisely what you want in life. One effective way of doing so is to apply the zero-based thinking strategy. It is self-explanatory – begin from zero. Work with new ideas and start from scratch, building a new foundation. Question everything that you do – everything. Don’t commit yourself to any one thing. The objective is simply gaining traction of your life – understanding the meaning of your purpose and taking steps toward it. Don’t worry about your existing situation. You want to open up new possibilities and opportunities for yourself. Free up your mind and forget about past actions and choices.

Don’t go Back to the Past

You may have paid the price for past actions you took, but that doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. Use your past experiences to make tougher decisions that will positively impact your life. In fact, your past negative experiences are going to help you into making better decisions for your future. Sometimes, when you abandon your past course of action, even if you have substantially invested in it, you will be guided to a more improved course of action. If you seriously want to transform your life, don’t go back to the bad tendencies. Be aware of them so you can avoid them at all cost.

For instance, let’s say you went out to eat and bought an expensive meal. The meal turns out to be delicious, but the portions are large. Because of the money you spent, you continue eating, although you are full. Soon, you will have an aching stomach and may no longer enjoy the meal. You are allowing the cost to affect your decision. Life is the same way. What is the point of dwelling on a decision, even though you have reached a point where you no longer enjoy it? With zero-based thinking, you will erase the cost you paid in the past and adapt new and proper thinking. Your life will be completely relieved from past decisions.

Applying Zero-Based Thinking

You can apply zero-based thinking to various areas of your life such as:

  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Time Management
  • Possessions

Zero-based thinking can help you with all your budgeting needs. Make the assumption that you are not spending money now and make a conscious decision how you want to spend your money you will earn for the most enjoyment. By doing so, you will get more bang for your bucks. Spend less money on things that are of not much value to you. You will end up having more money for your future.

If everything that you possessed was all destroyed, what would you do? Wouldn’t you have to start from zero? Think about what you would purchase if that were the case. Possessions are just that – they can be replaced. To get the possession that you really want, get photos from magazines and make a visual board with the pictures. Place somewhere visible and look at it every day. Sell some of the possession that has less value to you in order to make space for the ones you want.

Don’t let anything take up too much of your time. Make time for enjoyment of friends, family, vacation travel and so forth. Don’t spend all your time at work. Decide which is the most important to you. Unclutter your life to zero and make new time commitments.

If you are in an existing relationship that is going nowhere, it is recommended that you use zero-based thinking to make changes. You don’t want to be in a toxic relationship. Don’t be afraid of being alone for a while. Once you make those changes, you would be surprised that a new relationship will take its place in no time.

Take Action

Once you have applied zero-based thinking, you should now put everything into action. Get rid of possessions that you no longer need – sell or contribute them to someone else. Align your life with your genuine desires and live life to please yourself rather than others. 










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