How to Make Money as a Computer Tutor

How to Make Money as a Computer Tutor Computer Repair

The Internet and growing technology have opened up all kinds of doors and opportunities. It has also encouraged people to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, as more and more careers rely on computers. If you are someone that is gifted with computers, then you may benefit from tutoring others.

You may not think of your computer skills as extraordinary, but that is because you are already experienced and knowledgeable. There are many individuals willing to pay others to teach them what you know.

A computer tutor is someone that instructs others, teaching them how to effectively operate computers, and use the Internet as well as software. If you have extensive knowledge regarding computers, are looking for flexibility and customizable rates, then becoming a computer tutor may be for you.

Due to our current society, the technology industry is in huge demand. There is a shortage of instructors, which is why this is a great opportunity for people of all ages. Whether you’re an advanced college student or a retired software analyst, there’s money to be made.

Have the Required Skills

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 degrees; if you cannot teach your pupils the skills that they desire, then you will not get very far. Technically, there are not any educational requirements, but most computer tutors do have some sort of technology-related degree. Others are self-taught, and there is nothing wrong with that. As mentioned, your skillset is the most vital component.

Set Up a Website

As someone who will be tutoring individuals on the ins and outs of computers, you will know how to reach potential candidates online. You can also post some ads at local schools or community centres. These ads can either direct people to your website, or you can provide them with direct contact information. When you have a website, you can also clearly display your accomplishments and your capabilities.

Focus on Popular Applications

Focusing on popular applications is advised as many young and older people are looking to learn more. For instance, the younger generation is fairly good with computers; however, not many can effectively use Photoshop or even Excel. Focus on areas where there’s a demand. Although you will get some older individuals who want to learn the basics, there’s a large pool of younger individuals looking to enhance their skills within some of the more popular yet challenging applications.

Market Yourself

As mentioned, you can make a website and post some ads throughout the community, but how will you get people to pick up the phone and call? You need to market yourself properly. Make people want to hire you, as you will provide them with valuable information and experience. Start by making a Facebook page, directing traffic to your site. Post ads on Craigslist or other websites which have high traffic.

Continually Improve Your Skills

This is how you will stay on top, while creating a more sustainable career. There are more and more individuals who are now working from home, making this a great career for the future. This also helps you make money, as you cut down transportation costs. Just make sure that you are staying up to date, continually improving your own skills.

If you are gifted in technology-related topics, then you may be highly successful as a computer tutor. It is up to you how much you will charge, but make sure you are fair to both yourself and your pupils. Majority of computer tutors will charge approximately $20/hour. However, this can differ from lesson to lesson and tutor to tutor.