How to Make Money as a Green Consultant

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In a world where natural resources are carelessly being churned up every minute of every day, ‘being green’ is now a staple in the running and overall reputation of any business, big or small. Ensuring one’s practices, processes and philosophy are environmentally friendly doesn’t come naturally to everyone - and being the person who helps a company, organisation or household to achieve their green goals can be a lucrative business. But how do you make money doing it?

Firstly, as in many of my articles, I should briefly mention that in order to start any business, you must get the foundations right first (website, blog, business cards etc.) or you really won’t get anywhere.

So, once you’ve got your affairs in order, check out these green consultant money making tips - they might just do the trick…

Get Certified

You can talk to people all you want about lowering electricity and water bills or reducing waste, but if you’re not certified, businesses will be reluctant to give you the contract.

In order to start making a real profit, you must invest in some official training and get the paperwork to prove it - this is a real stepping stone to success.

Feed Your Passion - Find Your Niche!

One of the really great things about becoming a green consultant other than doing something positive for the environment, is that you can appeal to a large target audience.

With this in mind, once you have the certification everything set-up and ready to go, the best way to stand out from the crowd and start making real money is to pick which avenue of green consultancy you’re most passionate about and learn more about it.

After doing this, aim your networking and marketing efforts at the relevant target audience (i.e affluent families with large homes, small businesses etc.). This will allow you to build a solid customer base and encourage the right people to trust you and your abilities - basically, it doesn’t always pay to have a ‘one stop shop’.

Practice What You Preach and Show the World

Clearly, you don’t want to be a fraud, so don’t be! If you are in this business for the long haul, ensure you run your own business and household in an efficient, eco-friendly way - and stick to it!

At any given opportunity, invite potential clients to your home or offices and show them just what you can do for them - this really will contribute to a solid client base and eventually, a healthy profit.

In addition to this, setting up eco-friendly displays at home or the office provides priceless content for your business blog and social media channels which in turn is good for audience engagement, search marketing and in turn, making some decent money.

Keep Up to Date

The environmental game rapidly changes all the time, much like the environment itself.

In order to keep your business afloat and, therefore, continue to make a decent living, you must make regular time to keep up with all the new environmental rules and regulations (UKELA provides a good resource). If you fall behind and do something against the rules, you’ll lose the trust of your client base in an instant and possibly even acquire a nasty lawsuit - this is never good!

Be Patient

Okay, this little tip may well apply to many start up ventures and new business. but is very important when it comes to growth and progression…

Things will not happen overnight and there is no short cut to success - you must practice, plug, promote and perspire in order to make a living out of this business. But, if you are passionate about the environment, take heed of this advice and are willing to put in the hours, you are sure to be happy in the long run.

Plus, you’re doing your bit for the planet - no matter how tough it may get, never forget that.




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