How to Make Money From Youtube

Do you ever watch videos uploaded by TheAngryGrandpaShow, PewDiePie or CinemaSins and ask yourself: "Why can’t I do something like this and make a lot of money?" The answer to that question is: Why don’t you? A lot of these channels’ viewers are envious because they wish they entered at the ground floor of YouTube, thought of the idea first and/or had the initiative to record, edit and upload a high-quality video. 

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You know all about the popularity of YouTube - the millions of hours’ worth of content uploaded every single day - but how much YouTubers earn remains debatable. The facts regarding ad revenue vary from source to source. For instance, one website reports the CPM on pre-roll ads is between $1 and $4.50, while another newspaper pegs that number at $7.60. 

Whatever the case, there are many YouTube content creators that rake in the dough. Vsauce generates 826 million views per year and brings in $1.2 million. CollegeHumor rakes in 3.2 billion views per year and makes $3.3 million. A gentleman that just plays video games - PewDiePie - is the highest earner with 9.3 billion views and $12 million. 

This amount of money is probably motivating you to turn on your webcam and record yourself doing whatever it is you do. But it takes a lot more than just a camera and a YouTube account. You have to have a personality. You have to be unique. You have to offer viewers with something fresh and different. You can’t simply mimic KidBehindaCamera or McJuggerNuggets. 

Here are eight ways to make money from YouTube:

1. Open Up a Google AdSense Account

First, you will have to establish a Google Adsense account. This will take a couple of days to complete. AdSense is the main platform for the Google infrastructure, whether it’s for YouTube or display ads. You will have to insert your payment information, tax reporting information and personal identification. You will need either a PayPal account or a bank account number to receive payment. Earnings are based on ad clicks and impressions. 

2. Build Your YouTube Channel

Next, you will need to set up and build your YouTube channel. For every YouTube account, there is one channel attached to that account. Indeed, YouTube accounts are the same as Google accounts so you will have access to the suite of Google products. When you create your account, be sure to have an excellent username. In fact, a username will be the hardest part because it will either be the key to your success or the bane of your YouTube existence. If it’s short and original then users will definitely remember you, but if it’s long and unoriginal then nobody will care. 

Moreover, add relevant keywords so users can locate your channel. This can be done by heading to the advanced section of Channel Settings. It’s extremely important that the keywords match up to the content you’re uploading. For instance, if you’re reviewing WWE then type keywords like "WWE," "pro wrestling," "review" and so on. Also, try to personalize the channel. Don’t just maintain a generic design. Try to create a banner, record an introductory video and have playlists ready. Make your channel you!

3. Monetize Your Videos With YouTube Partner Program

In order to make money from the content you upload, you will have to monetize your videos. It should be noted that you will only begin to earn money from your videos when you enable the monetization tab. This gives YouTube permission to insert ads in your video, while at the same time admitting that you do not have any copyrighted material in your content. 

It should also be noted that you can choose what videos to monetize and which ones not to. This can be achieved by heading over to Video Manager and clicking on the "$" sign next to each video and then click on "Monetize with Ads."

4. Upload Unique Video Content Regularly

If you’re someone with a lot of free time then this can easily be achieved: recording and uploading unique video content on a regular basis. If you want to make either passive income or as much money as some of the regulars on the website then you will have to be consistent in the amount of content you publish and the quality of the videos. You can’t just sit in front of your computer and digress on issues of indifference to a vast majority of the audience. 

Furthermore, uploading video content several times a week will keep your audience engaged. This is oftentimes the hardest part of being successful on YouTube: growing and keeping your audience. If you want to increase your audience then here are a few tips to try out: 

  • Share your content on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 
  • Ask your audience to share, like, subscribe and favorite your videos. 
  • Celebrate certain milestones with your audience (for instance, TheAngryGrandpaShow got tattoos after they hit one million subscribers). 
  • Once your audience grows then become personal with them by holding Q&As and doing shoutouts for your followers. 

Now, you may be asking: "What type of content should I even record and upload?" This is something that only you can answer. Remember, there’s an astronomical amount of channels that cover everything from cooking lessons to movie reviews. You will have to decide. 

Here are several types of video content you should consider uploading: 

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job search
  • Tutorials: share your knowledge of film, books, makeup or food with the community. 
  • Personality: do you have a lovely personality? Become a YouTube personality and share your ideas, thoughts and fun sense of humor with the rest of the world. 
  • Pets & Kids: if your pets and/or children are doing something funny then create an entire YouTube channel surrounding them. 
  • Web Series: if you’re quite creative then produce a web series, either comedy or drama. 
  • Reviews: share your thoughts of classic cinema, cookbooks, video games, sports and so on with review videos. 
  • News: are you a journalist or someone who always wanted to be? Now’s your chance to be like a television reporter or news anchor and record news events and produce a segment.

5. Always Keep Your Camera or Smartphone Ready

When watching various YouTube videos, it’s quite apparent that everyone has their smartphone ready to record something, whether it’s a fight, fire or farts. First-hand videos often make it to the front page of YouTube and generate a million views or so. This is why it’s important to have your smartphone or a camera ready just in case something happens throughout your day. 

6. Use YouTube to Build Traffic to Your Website and Brand

Do you have a website or a brand that offers a product or service? Well, YouTube is a great venue to build traffic to your website and construct awareness for your brand. You don’t necessarily have to stand in front of a camera to promote either, but you can still produce videos that can help with your brand ubiquity. Always be sure to include a link in both the video and in the description.  

Remember, if your video goes viral then your website will experience the same number of views.

7. Invest in Google Inc

If you want to avoid all of this hassle then the next best thing is to invest directly in YouTube’s owner: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL). You can purchase shares of the search engine (it doesn’t pay dividends). A huge percentage of the company’s earnings come from YouTube, which is a $40 billion website. 

8. Upload Vintage Music

Do you have a stellar jazz collection? What about classic rock records? Whatever music genre you enjoy, perhaps you could create a channel dedicated to all of the classics. Many channels have created quite the following by uploading old Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington or Sidney Bechet albums and tunes. "Best of" are also popular as well. Be careful of copyright, though.

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Here are a few additional tips to ensure your YouTube venture is successful: 

  • Don’t skimp out on the equipment: record in HD, use top notch audio and ensure the lighting is sufficient enough for your audience to see you clearly. 
  • Respond to comments in the comments section, whether positive or negative. 
  • Refrain from stealing other users’ tags, titles and descriptions for your videos. 
  • Be short and concise. The average person has an attention span sorter than a goldfish. If your video is 20 minutes long then people are less likely to watch it. 

There is no doubt that if you were an active content creator in the early days of YouTube then it’s quite possible that you’d be very popular today. Oh well. You can still be popular and successful today but it takes some additional hard work for you to get noticed and to build a dedicated audience. By following the tips above, you can certainly gradually increase your viewership from 99 to 301 to 4,000 to 325,000 over the next few years.

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