How to Make Money Making Greeting Cards

How to Make Money Making Greeting Cards

Freelancers can make money with greeting cards. It is ideal if you can do both the writing and designing of the card. The ability to produce a complete piece is attractive to publishers. While this may not be steady income, it is supplemental and varies from publisher to publisher. Negotiate pricing with publishers beforehand when possible.

Research the Market

Before jumping into the greeting card market as a maker, it is important to research the competition and the trends of the greeting card market. Look to see where there are gaps in the selections available and work toward offering publishers something in the neglected categories. This makes you more in-demand and more likely to sell your creations.

Finding Niche Publishers

If you have not gone under contract with a publisher already, it is a good idea to start searching for optimal publishers when you have a few different cards to offer. Pitch your greeting card line to publishers that need the offerings you have and those that already publish a similar style. Some publishers are looking for variety on specific styles such as humorous anniversary cards or off-the-wall get well cards as examples.

If you plan to market and sell the cards yourself, there are several online resources to use for having the cards printed. You can also open up an online store that makes items to order. This helps maintain your inventory control and offers an additional option for consumers to make a purchase from you.

Contacting Publishers

When you contact publishers it is a good idea to create a professional letter. This letter should introduce yourself as the greeting card creator. It should also discuss why you wish to publish your work with them and what you wish to accomplish as a greeting card creator.

Another important section of this letter is the price you wish to receive per greeting card, but also list that your pricing is negotiable. It is important for you to remain approachable by the publisher so that an agreement and monetary compensation plan can be discussed.

Consider e-Greeting Cards as Options

Consider branching out into e-Greeting cards. For those that do not have the funds to purchase and mail a card to a friend or loved one, this is a great idea. Many major online sources and social media channels purchase e-Greeting cards so that their users have a good selection to choose from. These do not pay high rates in most cases, but selling multiple designs and themes to one source is a good way to earn extra income and get your name out there as a greeting card designer.

Waiting for Responses

In some cases you will never hear back from a publisher. This does not mean the work was not good; it is often just that they have enough designs and greeting card creators for their needs at the time. Follow up with publishers that you sent proposals and samples off to after one month. Keep track of when you’re sending packages so that you know when to contact the publisher for feedback.

The process of making and selling greeting cards takes patience. Do not expect to become an overnight success and have regular amounts of money coming in. This is something that should be considered as side income. Try to work out a contract with the publisher that offers residual revenue payments for sales of the cards in retail locations. The revenues could be paid monthly, semi-annually or annually. Every publisher works differently so it is important to discuss the financial details before entering into a legally binding contract.


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