How to Make Money Through Repairing Tablets

repair tablets

According to a recent survey, around a third of the population now own a tablet. These compact little devices are widely used for business and entertainment, therefore, making them very versatile contraptions - hence their ever-growing popularity.

Like almost anything in this world, tablets do occasionally malfunction and when a repair is needed, there’s money to be made. So if you’d like to jump on this cash cow and start making some profit, here are a few things you might want to consider:

The Fundamentals

It’s true that what I’m about to say applies to any business, but that’s why it must be mentioned. To compete with the competition, you need to market yourself properly and get yourself noticed, especially online.

Before you do anything else, get a slick SEO friendly website built, carefully choose your branding, sign up for social media pages,  sort out business cards, pay for some good quality advertising and network, network, network - all these things are essential. After all, you wouldn’t build a house with poor foundations, would you?

Teaching a Man to Fish…

You know the saying ‘give a man a fish and he’ll eat for one day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime’.

Well, one sure fire way of spinning a tasty profit is by offering potential customers bespoke training on troubleshooting problems with their tablets and essentially being able to be their own repairmen, to an extent.

This may sound a little backwards, as repeat custom is the key to any business, but it’s not. People want to learn things and by giving them an opportunity to do so, you will get a lot of bookings, and bookings mean money! While you are teaching your customers a few handy skills, you are giving yourself the chance to showcase your specialist expertise, therefore, establishing a solid trust and in the future, when they do come across a slightly more tricky problem, you’ll be the first person they come to.

Getting Certified

Again, this comes down to building trust with potential customers from the outset.

If someone is in need of a repair and they come across your website, they’ll be five times more likely to spend their money with you if they know that you’re officially certified, and there are places where you can get the qualification you need. In short, get yourself on a course and learn the ins and outs of both hardware and software - you’ll make your course money back and more before you know it!

Offering a Little Extra

Clearly standing out from the crowd is bound to make you more money, so why not do it?

By offering a little extra now and then, you will overtime, maximise your profit. For instance, offer a 20% discount on all first time repairs, advertise your ‘repair training academy’ on your website’s homepage, sell tablet repair tools in addition to your core services, create an eBook based on tablets and tablet maintenance... these are just a few ideas which you’re welcome to try. Have a brainstorming session and you’re sure to come up with some great ideas.

Keeping Down Your Operation Costs

In the grand scheme of things, tablet repair tools are relatively cheap (you can get the lot for around £200). Once you have the knowledge, the tools and the business fundamentals in place, you can keep your business costs down by setting up a small workstation at home - basically, eliminate the cost of renting a workshop and you’ll give yourself the chance to make more profit from your repairs.

More and more people are investing in tablets everyday and by following the above tips, you will really be able to thrive from this booming niche market.

Have any more advice for potential tablet-terneurs? Feel free to leave a comment.




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