How to Make Money Using Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the leading online money making platforms. Its main stand out feature is the variety of jobs that you find on the site. For instance, there are article and content writing, audio and video testimonials, graphic designing, data entry and computer programming jobs among others. Most of the jobs earn five dollars. However, there are gigs that pay more. If you are looking to making some cash from home or earn something extra, this is the site for you. Just follow the simple tips below to start minting money from Fiverr.

Choose Appropriate Categories

It is vital that you select categories that you are well equipped to handle based on your skills and experience. Your skills and experience are your assets in creating and selling gigs. Therefore, it is beneficial to know what you are good at and select it. Fiverr’s advantage of making money is that you do not have to hold a bachelor’s degree or diploma. An example is where you may have expert painting skills or a good voice. These skills are not school-oriented but innate. Additionally, ensure that you implement your created gigs within a specified time frame to satisfy your clients. Remember, to make your gigs unique to avoid too much competition.

Promote Your Gigs

Another way of making money is to promote your gigs. Since there are thousands of Fiverr users all competing to sell their gigs, you have to put in that extra effort to make your gigs diverse. Promoting your gigs especially off-site will boost your sales. However, it all depend on the type of gigs you are selling. Consider promoting your gigs on a blog by advertising them to readers, on social networks, by making targeted posts and updates and on forums. Promotion gives you more exposure and gives your gigs visibility.

Provide Good Customer Service

One of the major secrets of making money of Fiverr is provision of good customer service. Exceptional service to your customers every time, you sell your gigs, helps you gain their trust. Always be polite when interacting with customers even when they don’t buy your gigs. Great service and politeness create a good relationship with customers. Consequently, you get excellent customer feedback which boosts your gigs and the credibility of your profile. Customer trust keeps them coming back for your services. In addition, you can request testimonials from your customers to raise your reputation points which market your gigs to other customers.

Form Seller Partnerships

Partnerships on Fiverr generate extra income, but many new Fiverr users fail to use it. Teaming up with other sellers to sell a gig earns you extras and add-ons. Forming partnerships works best especially for gigs that have high competition. Combining your efforts with other sellers ensures that you gain more visibility and build momentum for your new gig. For instance, graphic designers can work alongside App developers to create an application icon. The income is then shared among them as agreed. Just be keen in your selection of a partner.

When creating a gig, include a creative tag, headline or description to attract attention. Video promos and samples are good gig advertisements. These little details can earn you huge payoffs in the long run.


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