How to Make Money with WordPress

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS (Content Management System). Besides using it to build your own site and blog, you can also make some money through WordPress.

Here are some tips for generating income through WordPress:

1. Develop WordPress themes

If you are a web developer or designer, you can make some cash creating and selling WordPress themes. However, you don’t have to be a professional coder or designer to do this. Developing themes is a skill that anyone can learn. Some of the places where you could sell your WordPress themes include Creative MarketMojo Themes and ThemeForest. Alternatively, you could sell your themes from your own website or blog. If you are starting out, it would be advisable to first work with an already existing company that designs WordPress themes. There are several companies out there looking to hire experienced designers.

2. Create plugins

It is not possible to run a WordPress site without installing several plugins. There are hundreds of WordPress plugins out there which help perform different tasks. While some are free, others are premium. If you can create a plugin to solve a specific problem, WordPress users might be interested in paying for it. Take time to study the existing plugins to identify any gaps which can be exploited. You could consider having both a free and a premium version of your plugin, with the latter having more advanced features. You can sell your plugins on your own site or on sites such as CodeCanyon. You could also consider applying for custom plugin projects from sites such as oDeskElance and Freelancer.

3. Offer WordPress consulting services

If you are an expert in any aspect of WordPress, you can make money by offering consulting services. For instance, you could offer WordPress lessons to advanced users as well as beginners. To succeed as a consultant, you need to take time to build your portfolio. One of the best ways of doing this is by offering consulting services pro bono to a few respected WordPress users. If they are happy with your work, ask them to write a recommendation. Such testimonials can be very effective for boosting your credibility and attracting customers.

4. Blog setup services

Even if you don’t have much technical knowledge of WordPress, you can make money through offering blog setup services. Blog setup involves tasks such as installing WordPress, adding a relevant theme and installing plugins. You can advertise your services by creating a ‘Hire Me’ page on your site or blog. Be sure to optimize your page to attract traffic to it. You could also use paid advertising or guest posting to generate traffic. Besides making money from blog setup, you can also generate some income by offering affiliate links for web hosts, as well as theme and plugin developers.

5. Content writing services

If you have good writing skills, you can generate income by offering content writing services. Content writing jobs are advertised on sites such as oDesk, ElanceFreelancer and Problogger. You could also create a ‘Hire Me’ page on your site or blog.


These are just some of the ways of making a full-time or part-time income on WordPress. All you need to do is understand the need of your target audience and offer a solution.




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