How to Make Money With Your Smartphone

Smartphones are ubiquitous all over the world. What makes them so valuable is that they’ve opened up a number of opportunities to make money on the go. You don’t need any special skills and you don’t need to undertake any training courses. Even the most unqualified person in the world can make money with a smartphone.

As long as you have the ability to give your opinion, look at adverts, and watch trailers, you can and will earn money by simply doing what you normally do every day. Let’s take a look at some of the simple and easy ways you can earn yourself a few dollars in your spare time.


Take Pictures with Clashot

Clashot is an app that allows you to upload photos and sell them as stock images. All you have to do is take a picture of something interesting whilst out and about. This is fantastic because it allows you to use what’s best about your city to craft something beautiful. Photo licences can be bought over and over again, so there are no limits to how much you can make.

Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go, as well as J. D. Power Survey (made by the same company), allow you to complete surveys from your phone. You get paid and that’s it. All it involves is providing your opinions as a consumer. Companies spend millions on this every year.


AppTrailers is a simple concept. All you have to do is watch a few trailers and you get paid for it. You won’t make a lot of money from this as the returns are pretty terrible, but you’ll get something. It’s easy to switch on a trailer and leave it playing whilst you go and do something else.


If you like shopping for the best products you can get paid via an Amazon Gift Card through Wickets. All you have to do is vote up products on the Amazon service. It’s essentially about recommending different types of products. You don’t even have to pay any attention to what you’re doing. Repeatedly click the ‘vote up’ button and you’re away.


Gigwalk is a platform where local businesses can employ people on a temporary basis to complete one-off tasks. For example, you could find that a local business is offering you the chance to perform a quick delivery for some easy money, or to take a photo of a display they have in the window to be used on their website.

There are no real limits to how much you can earn from Gigwalk. Occasionally, you’ll hear about some jobs paying well over $100.

Mobile Rewards

job search
job search

Mobile Rewards is a platform where you can earn credits through watching videos and registering for special offers. When you earn enough credits, you can redeem them directly through PayPal. Since many of the offers involve just watching a few videos, it’s easy to leave them running whilst you do something else.

Field Agent

Field Agent allows you to search for jobs in your area. These jobs could involve filling out a survey or performing a price check on a certain product. The catch is you’ll only have 150 minutes to complete the task. If you don’t manage to do it in this amount of time, the job is thrust back into the public domain and anyone can pick it up.

Typically, you can expect to pick up between $3 and $12 for your troubles.


Locket is a service that pays you just for allowing ads onto your lock screen. You don’t get a choice as to the ads you pick up, though. If you’re an avid phone user, you can easily earn $260 per month, which is the maximum. To make this, you would need to open your phone 84 times per day for a month. It sounds like a lot, but people who text regularly will easily be able to make this.

Perk Pop Quiz

If you’re someone who loves trivia, Perk Pop Quiz can give you the opportunity to put that hidden knowledge to good use. Download this app and answer quizzes. The better you do the more points you earn. You can trade these points for gift cards in popular stories like Amazon.

Points don’t come quickly, but the fact this is a fun app means the time will just fly by!


Jingit is an app that allows you to monetise your Facebook profile and earn money for it. Companies want to be able to use personal space to advertise themselves. Sell your Facebook profile and you can earn money. They will place the ads themselves, so all you have to do is register and start claiming the money.


FeaturePoints allows you to test out new apps and earn money for doing it. You can choose the apps you test, so you won’t have to try something you know you’ll never like. You have to use the app for a certain length of time, and some apps may involve giving written feedback, but you can earn a healthy amount of money by doing so.

Money can be awarded directly through PayPal, or by claiming gift cards for stores like iTunes and Amazon.

Bamboo Wallet

Bamboo Wallet is less like an app and more like a platform where you can earn money in a range of ways. You can download apps and test them, visit and ‘like’ designated Facebook pages, register for special offers, and watch videos.

You’re rewarded with points that can be redeemed for gift cards through certain websites. It’s one of the few apps that offers gift cards through eBay, which makes this a ‘must have’.


Gamers with a competitive side will love to try out Peko as a moneymaking app. You can compete against other users to earn points. Each time you win, you get closer to being able to claim cash prizes and gift cards. You can sign up through Facebook and start playing immediately. Many people have already compared Peko to the addictiveness of Candy Crush.

Overall, the ways you can earn money are limitless. As long as there are companies that want advertising and opinions, there will be ways to earn money through your smartphone. There are thousands of other platforms all doing the same things. With so many options to earn dollars, there’s really something for every smartphone owner!

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