How to Make New Employees Love You

We all want to be loved by our colleagues. We want them to think of us are more than just fellow slaves (or, um, employees), but when new employees start at your office and you’re in charge of them, whether because you’re the boss of the entire world (or the company) or just hold a more senior position than them, it’s sometimes not exactly smooth sailing. It can take them forever to warm up to you. You just don’t have that kind of time. Your job is busy enough and you’ve got a super-packed social schedule, so you need them to love you immediately. But don’t despair – it’s totally possible, and it can be done. Read on to find out how to get new employees to love you and soon you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Or maybe not. That’s kind of a gross image.

1. Bake Up a Storm

Everyone loves baked goods. Seriously, it’s a fact. Add chocolate to the mix and you have a winning recipe. Whether you’ve got a food blog as a weekend hobby, or have to use a boxed brownie mix or you’ll burn every pan in your apartment, it’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So the same has to be true of those new employees, right?

Make baking a weekly thing and spend every Sunday afternoon getting creative in your tiny kitchen. Your new employees will love you even more if you make chocolate cake, so you should probably start with that. Bonus points if it’s a double chocolate cake made of cocoa powder and chocolate chips, but again, no one will hate you if you used a boxed mix. You’re bringing them cake. There’s absolutely no way they won’t fall in love with you.

2. Compliment Them

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We all enjoy a good compliment every now and then. And even a lame or bad compliment is okay, too. We just like to be told how awesome we are. It’s good for the ego. So compliment your new employees every day for a week and they will be your BFF before you know it. Just make sure they sound genuine enough. If they’re wearing really ugly shoes, they won’t buy it if you say you want your own pair, so come up with something legitimate. You’re smart, you can think of something.

3. Throw Them a Party


It may not be their birthday or anywhere close to a holiday, but why not throw them a super fun party? If you’re really nice, you can host it at your house or apartment, but having it a nearby bar or even in the office break room is okay. It’s the thought that counts. Well, actually, that’s probably not true. They might be offended if you have a party in the break room, and your boss might not be all that pleased either. So a nearby bar is probably the best way to go. Invite everyone at the office, plus friends from your own social group. The new kids on the block will be thrilled that you’re letting them into your world a little bit, and they’ll be so touched that you’re officially welcoming them to the office. Everyone knows that the best way to bond is over alcohol, so buy them a pint of their most loved beer and you’ll be their new favorite person.

4. Give Them the Best Assignments

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…And don’t give them anything boring or dull. They’ll absolutely loathe you if they make you do the crap that no one wants to do. Sure, this might not be a sustainable system, and people might complain that you’re playing favorites, but you’re in charge, so you can pretty much do whatever you want (no? That’s not how it works?)

You know that you hate doing boring filing or admin-related tasks, so you can be pretty confident that your new workers will hate doing those, too. So hold out. At least for their first month. Once you have them in your good graces, you can sprinkle in the less fun tasks, but since they’ll love you so much, they won’t be able to complain. It’s a perfect, foolproof plan.

5. Bring Them Coffee Every Morning

There are two drinks of choice for the office dweller: coffee and beer. The caffeine is perfect to get those creative juices flowing, and beer is your savior after a long, hard day at work. If you want new employees to adore you, bring them a delicious Starbucks coffee every morning. Maybe in the future they will do the same for you. To be really sneaky, tell them that every employee takes turns buying you coffee every morning – no, wait, that’s not sneaky. That’s just smart. Now they’re going to love you and you’re also going to get some free coffee out of the deal. Awesome!

6. Say It with Flowers

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Or any other kind of gift. Who doesn’t want to get random gifts all the time? Okay, so it might look like you’re sucking up, which you will be. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an effective strategy to get new employees to open up to you and do their best work. Every time your new employees look at the vase of beautiful flowers on their desk, they’ll think of you and realize that you’re totally going to be the best boss/manager ever.

7. Indulge in Some Good Old-Fashioned Gossip

Of course you’re still being professional. You just want to get to know these new kids a bit better, so the best way to do that is to discuss the daily dramas of your personal lives. Share as much as you’re comfortable. You probably don’t want to get too embarrassing, so keep it classy. But you’ll win them over for sure.

8. Plan a Weekend Retreat

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Communication is a super important part of any office culture. It basically determines how well your employees will get along and how willing they will be to work hard and be productive. So your goal is to get your new hires to communicate with you and everyone else at the office. A good way to do that? Get away for the weekend. Call it a company retreat, rent a cabin in the woods (or somewhere not quite as creepy), and watch your office’s communication skills soar. You should also make it fun – alcohol helps. Mix up some fancy, creative cocktails and make five types of nachos, and let the conversation flow. Your new employees will think you are a super cool, fun, amazing boss, which of course you are. And they will love you when Monday morning rolls around and they have a bunch of new memories to take with them.

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Struggling to get your new employees to see you for the amazing person you truly are? Wondering how to get them to love you as much as your other employees do? Worry no longer – help is here, in the form of this how-to guide. From gifts and coffee to daily compliments and weekly baked goods, this is all you need to gain the trust and adoration of your new hires. Go you.

Can you think of any other ways you can get your new employees to love you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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