How to Make Office Gossip Work for You

Gossip doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Unless, of course, you’re the subject of vicious lies and have to deal with raised eyebrows and smug stares as you walk the halls at work each day. That wouldn’t be a very desirable situation. However, if you handle the situation correctly, you can make the office gossip work for you rather than allowing them to work you over! You can share information about yourself that is spicy enough to get you attention from colleagues—and get you into the inner circle—without doing damage to your reputation because you are filtering the information output. If you want to impress your manager with your sales prowess, you can leak information about your most recent dinners and nights on the town with clients—which led to big increases in sales, of course!

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There are just a few things to remember while you work on your office gossip plan. You must be ready for any and all possibilities with regard to office drama. Even when you have a plan, you won’t always be able to control all the variables. Figure out the best way to control the dialogue and leak the scandalous information about yourself that you want everyone to know and feed upon like piranhas on meat. Remember to have fun with the process while you spread those juicy details.

1. Get Ready for Office Drama


People usually don’t want to become the victims of gossip. It can be a cruel cycle of vicious lies or spreading of scandalous details about a person’s life. However, if you want to make gossip work for you in the office, you need to get ready for drama and be prepared for anything to happen. You have no idea what will happen when you divulge details about your life. If you’re not prepared for any and all consequences, you can quickly get swallowed up in a tidal wave of destruction that is not what you bargained for. In order to ride the wave for all it’s worth, you need to be prepared to risk your plan failing miserably and backfiring on you.

It’s quite possible that you may share some details that you want gossiped all over the office. However, you weren’t planning on your company’s CEO finding out. That could cause some problems and drama in the office; especially if those in upper management don’t approve of your scandalous behavior that’s become water cooler conversation. Just because you think your colleagues might find it cool that you’re having an affair with the CEO’s wife, doesn’t mean he would be too pleased with you. Once information is released, prepare to deal with the consequences.

2. Control the Dialogue at Work

Being prepared for the office drama is only the tip of the iceberg. You need to put a filter on your loose lips and ensure that you are controlling the dialogue at work. In order for your plan to work, you need to let only the right information leak out and not allow any extremely risqué or career-detrimental details to slip out. Don’t get too cocky with regard to the information that you’re sharing. Remember that everything you share in the gossip stream will accomplish its mission—whether to elevate you toward future success or whip you around like a dead fish and toss you out of the water. You don’t want to become the dead fish by being beaten down by gossiping tongues.

Make office gossip work for you by becoming your own press secretary. Take this job seriously. If you start planning your dissemination of gossip while you’re hanging out with colleagues during Friday Happy Hour, that could potentially end in disaster. Not only could you end up inebriated and oversharing personal details that you never wanted anyone at work to know about. You might also end up pulling a Coyote Ugly, dancing on the bar while providing fuel to the fire of your colleague’s insatiable need to video everything they see. Instead of controlling the dialogue and promoting the self-gossip that you wanted to share, you’ll become the topic of unwanted gossip. That could definitely ruin any chances you had of making office gossip work for you. Unless of course, you’re trying to become the most popular employee in the office and don’t care what anyone thinks about you—then dance the night away on that bar counter!

3. Have Fun with the Process

It may be difficult juggling the unwanted office drama and figuring out how to control the dialogue, but try to have fun with the process. Again, you need to find a balance. You don’t want to go overboard and use self-gossip to promote yourself all day long. That plan would definitely backfire on you. No one wants to hear about your scandalous escapades every second of the day—unless, of course, you’re a famous celebrity, in which case they might want to hear about everything you do. If you become a chronic self-gossiper all day long, you’re not making office gossip work for you. Soon you won’t be having any fun at all, because your chronic self-gossip will become the next topic for the gossip mill and not the information you were trying to share in the first place.

Usually gossip is only fun for the gossipers and not for the victim. However, when you use self-gossip to promote yourself, you invariably become the gossiper and those in the gossip mill become your victims. They will be so caught up in the act of gossiping and chewing on all the salacious details that they won’t even realize you’re using them to promote yourself in the office. Enjoy the process. At least your conscience can rest easy that you’re not really harming any of your victims. They’re simply a piece of the puzzle that needs to come together to create the final image you wish to portray in the office—whether you’re trying to impress that hot intern with your sexual prowess or cultivate your image as the office rock star because everyone really thinks you’re a loser. Have fun with the process and spicy details you share.

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It can be so much fun to be on the opposite end of the gossip mill. Sure, you’re still the subject of the gossip and sordid tales circulating the office. However, you are controlling the actual information that is circulated about you. Just remember to be prepared for all possible drama for the gossip that you start. You don’t want to violate the trust of any of your friends or colleagues with the information you share. Worse yet, you don’t want to violate yourself by divulging too much information or risqué details. You won’t make office gossip work for you if you end up getting fired because the spicy details got back to your prudish boss and he couldn’t handle the scandalous truth about you.

Don’t forget to have fun with this process. For the first time, you can actually enjoy being the topic of gossip. This time, you won’t have to scurry by while dodging smug stares and raised eyebrows of your colleagues. Since you’re having fun with this self-gossip dissemination, you can walk by your colleagues like a proud peacock, while they stare at you in awe after having heard such tall tales about you. Who cares if you embellished the truth a little? That’s what’s so fun about making office gossip work for you!

Have you ever tried to make office gossip work for you?