How to Make Others Consider Your Idea

Is there a foolproof plan for inspiring other people, such as your boss, your colleagues and your clients to go along with an idea or plan you have? The answer is that you need to become more influential in the way you approach people in your workplace. There are ways that you can positively inspire and influence others to come around to your point of view and to seriously consider your plan or idea.

Effective Communication

To inspire others, you need to know how to communicate effectively with everyone at your place of employment- that means everyone, from the person in the cubicle or office next to you to the highest level executive. You also need to add a more assertive element to your personality. People who are extroverted and make others feel comfortable and at ease will do better at inspiring and influencing than will those who are timid, shy, and withdrawn. People who feel relaxed will not feel pressured and this will put them in your corner and make them much more receptive to your thoughts, plans, and work strategies.

Encouragement and Support

Being too opinionated will not help your cause at all. In fact it will do just the opposite. Do not push your ideas onto others and demand that they accept them. Encourage and support other people at your workplace to offer their own ideas, opinions, and thoughts on topics that come up for discussion. Let everyone speak, from the lowliest level employee to the highest. Show respect for everyone who has the courage to voice an opinion by acknowledging what they say. Do not discredit anything that is said, as you never know where the best and brightest ideas for the company might come from.

Positive Reinforcement

If a person voices an idea that you do not like, cannot use or simply do not agree with, do not openly tell them so, especially if it is during a crowded meeting. As well, do not point out the faults and weak points of their idea. Many people take things personally and do not understand the concept of, “It is just business.” If you take this approach with a number of people, you may potentially alienate your co-workers and clients and thus discourage others from wanting to work with you or deal with you at all. This can lead to strife and conflict in a workplace. Always seek to find positive things to say about every idea, even if you like yours better, and search for a basis for common ground. Positive reinforcement counts for a lot.

Be Genuine

Be cognizant of the compliments you give and do not overdo a good thing, such as by becoming phony or by praising an action that is not worthy of praise. Others will see right through this falseness. Be aware that there is constructive criticism and destructive criticism but too much harsh criticism will drive people away from you.

Be Polite and Upbeat

The tone of voice you use when you talk to others can communicate volumes. The choice of words you use to accompany your tone is also of paramount importance. If you portray boredom, indecision, uncertainty, incompetence, fear or anxiety, how will you ever inspire others to see things the way you do? Always come across as self-confident and competent.

In your communication with people in your place of work be polite, friendly and as upbeat as you can be. People warm to others who exude positive energy and who treat them in a decent manner.

Do not embarrass other people or hurt their feelings. Treat others in the manner you wish to be treated in and you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily it is to make a good and lasting impression. This impression will then transfer over into your becoming a source of inspiration for others.

To influence other people to see things the way you do, you need to develop effective communication skills in dealing with everyone at your place of employment. You have your ideas but do not come across as too opinionated or you will lose people. Find opportunities to use positive as opposed to negative reinforcement with your people. Be kind and upbeat and others will respond well to your good vibes. All of these things will makes you a more influential individual in your workplace.

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